Fix : The response is not a valid JSON response in Wordpress. You may receive the below error while updating the WordPress post.  The response is not a... now offers Softaculous to their VPS clients When it comes to an Auto Installer script, we've seen big debats 'Softaculous over Fantastico’.... How To Automatically Delete Forwarded Mails in cPanel? You can use cPanel email forwarder option to forward your emails to any other email account.... How To Decrease Inode Usage In CPanel? What is Inode? An inode is a data structure that contains the information/metadata of a single... How do I enable ExecCGI via .htaccess file? You can enable ExecCGI by going to your .htaccess and adding this line to the file: Options... How to Check Your Website’s Error Log in cPanel? In this article, we will show you how you can check your website’s error logs in cPanel. It is... How to Disable AutoSSL Email Notifications in cPanel? cPanel provides a free AutoSSL certificate which has the complete automation process. cPanel... How to Enable Temporary URL for WHM/cPanel? We can set a temporary URL on cPanel. It helps to check and verify your website working properly... How to Fix WHM/cPanel Temp URL 404 or Not Supported Error? You can use the cPanel's temporary URL to verify your website before publishing it live. However,... How to Increase Disk Space for a cPanel account in WHM? Please refer to the below steps to increase the disk space of your account in WHM. Login to... How to Install IonCube in cPanel/WHM ? IonCube loader is a free PHP extension uses to decode encrypted PHP files at runtime. Please... How to Publish Your Website from RapidWeaver? RapidWeaver is a web-designing application for Mac OS. You can easily publish your website using... How to Restrict Addon Domains Folder Accessing from Main Domain in cPanel? If you are running your websites under cPanel and have addon domains linked with subdomains and... How to Use Git Version Control in cPanel? To use the git version control in the cPanel, you must create the Git Repository first. Please be... How to access file manager in cpanel? File manager is a tool that will help you to manage your files, folders and directories without... How to add MX record in cPanel? Please refer to the following article to add/change the MX record in cPanel. You need to point... How to assign a Dedicated IP to cPanel? In WHM/cPanel, you can’t modify an individual website IP Address but you can change the IP... How to change Primary Domain in WHM? Please refer to the following steps to change the primary domain for a cPanel account in WHM.... How to change bandwidth limit of cPanel account from WHM? Please refer to the following steps to change the cPanel account bandwidth limit from WHM. Log... How to change the PHP runtime configuration from WHM? The PHP is configured with the default values of runtime variables in our Shared Linux Hosting... How to change the email address of cPanel/root email notifications from WHM? You may receive the email notification for high disk usage, high memory usage, etc., from cPanel... How to configure Google G Suite MX Records in a cPanel Hosting Account? Please refer to the following steps to configure Google G Suite MX Records in a cPanel. Login... How to control outgoing emails from WHM? In this article, we will show you how to configure the email server from WHM to control outgoing... How to create a catch-all email address in cPanel? With a catch-all email, you can catch all the emails sent to the users that are not created or... How to create a website using RVsitebuilder 7 in cPanel? Please refer to the following steps to create a website using RVsitebuilder 7.  Login to your... How to create and view phpinfo file in cPanel? It is a very important and useful function of PHP to return information. It includes information... How to enable PHP error reporting in cPanel? Please refer to the following article to enable PHP error reporting in cPanel Login to your... How to enable SSH (shell access) for the existing cPanel account? Please refer to the following steps to enable SSH access for the existing cPanel account.... How to enable cPhulk in WHM? cPHulk is a powerful extension that protects your server from the brute force attacks. In this... How to enable/disable mod security in cPanel? Disabling ModSecurity on your domains loses the extra layer of security protection that the... How to fix RVsitebuilder error : decode_json failed, invalid json. error: garbage after JSON object, at character offset 216 You may receive the below error while configuring the website using the RVsitebuilder in cPanel.... How to fix cPanel Error : IP Address Has Changed? Please refer to the following steps to fix the cPanel error - IP Address has changed! Log in... How to get SPF, DKIM and PTR Record for Email Deliverability from cPanel? Email Deliverability is a useful cPanel feature to prevent your emails from being marked as spam... How to import cPanel awstats to another host? In cPanel, AWStats allows you to view GUI statistics of Web, Ftp and Mail server. If you have... How to increase memory_limit using .htaccess in cPanel? Please refer to the following steps to increase PHP memory_limit. Login to your cPanel. Please... How to increse FTP timeout from WHM/cPanel? Please refer to the following steps to increase the timeout value for FTP on WHM/cPanel. Login... How to install DokuWiki using Softaculous on cPanel? DokuWiki is a software package that allows you to create an online wiki. It is an open-source... How to install Moodle using Softaculous in cPanel? You need to have PHP extension fileinfo enabled for your domain and PHP version equal to or... How to install Oscommerce manually in cPanel ? Oscommerce is an open-source script. You can host the OsCommerce on cPanel or another hosting... How to install PrestaShop in cPanel? PrestaShop is a free and open-source e-commerce content management system (CMS). Please refer to... How to manage hosting packages on WHM/cPanel? In this article, we will teach you how to manage your current hosting package. It is so easy to... How to migrate the cPanel account to the DirectAdmin Panel? As we know cPanel increased their pricing and now they are charging based on each cPanel account.... How to monitor resource limit information in cPanel? Let me tell you that we host your cPanel shared hosting account on CloudlinuxOS at... How to reboot server from whm? Sometimes we may need to reboot the server for installation or configuration. So, in such a... How to set Global email filters in cPanel to discard any email? Suppose you are receiving spam emails with the specific subject line contains the word buy. Now,... How to set the cron job to run a PHP script in cPanel? This article will help how to setup cron job for a PHP file in cPanel What is Cron? Cron is a... How to setup DNS record for the office 365 in cPanel? First of all, you need to collect your DNS record for your domain from Office 365. Once you have... How to take MySQL database backup using cPanel cron? cPanel offers a cron that allows you to run your commands or scripts automatically at certain... How to trouble shoot the error: Cpanel::Exception::Database::Error/(XID 9a8sak)? When the PHPMyAdmin is stuck with the message “The system will redirect you in a moment,” it may... How to whitelist an IP address in ModSecurity Below are the steps to whitelist an IP address in ModSecurity using Terminal. Note: You must... How to whitelist/blacklist IP addresses using command line and GUI in CSF firewall? CSF or ConfigServer security and firewall inside WHM allows you to whitelist or blacklist IP... Listening ports of cPanel/WHM Following are the ports used by cPanel/WHM for its service. cPanel without SSL: 2082 cPanel... Shell script to change multiple cPanel account password. You may need to change the password of all your cPanel account in case of a potential security... What are the differecnce between Sub-Domain, Parked Domain And An Add-on Domain? SubDomain You can add additional sections to your main domain as a sub-domain. This will help to... What is cPanel? cPanel is a Web-based control panel provides by Hosting Providers to their clients to manage... cPanel error - MySQL: Server sent charset (255) unknown to the client. Websites hosted on the same cPanel are giving mysql errors. Log is showing  MySQL: Server sent... how to install and configure mod security on cPanel? ModSecurity is a web application firewall. It blocks the incoming web request depends on the...
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