On cPanel VPS, /tmp is 100% full. What action will you take and does it cause any problem? What is the tmp folder? The /tmp is a directory containing necessary files temporarily needed by... What is the relation between Primary domain and Add-on domain in cPanel? In cPanel, a primary domain is the main website associated with an account, while add-on domains... now offers Softaculous to their VPS clients When it comes to an Auto Installer script, we've seen big debats 'Softaculous over Fantastico’.... E-mail usage is showing incorrectly in cPanel. Sometimes you may face the issue with cPanel Disk space calculation between total disk space used... Fix - Unknown address error 550-Verification failed in exim One of our VPS Hosting customers faced a problem wherein the customer was unable to receive... Fix - cPanel Account Restore Failed: Failed to create the account. A database owner with the name “cpaneluser” already exists One of our customers was migrated from another cPanel host. While restoring his account to our... How Do I Build A Website Using The CPanel Site Publisher? Introduction cPanel - Site Publisher Creating a basic website using the Site Publisher interface... How To Access The Addon Domain Using A Temporary URL? A temporary URL is a link that helps users to access their website via the server IP address... How To Automatically Delete Forwarded Mails in cPanel? You can use the cPanel email forwarder option to forward your emails to any other email account.... How To Change Root Password From WHM? There are two methods to change the WHM cPanel root user password: via the command line or from... How To Change The PHP Timezone For Your Website? cPanel allows you to change the time zone from PHP for your website with a few easy steps. The... How To Change cPanel Reseller/Owner from WHM? Ownership of the cPanel account is controlled by the WHM, which only takes a few clicks. Below... How To Change the Outgoing Mail Server(SMTP) IP Address in WHM? Introduction Yes, it is possible to change the outgoing mail server (SMTP) IP address in WHM.... How To Decrease Inode Usage In CPanel? What is Inode? An inode is a data structure that contains the information/metadata of a single... How To Disable The cPanel Auto SSL Notification? cPanel & WHM will notify the customers by sending an email to the cPanel contact email... How To Enable/Disable Greylisting From cPanel? Greylisting is an anti-spam strategy that momentarily declines an email by imposing a temporary... How To Increase The Size Of Attachments Of Email In WHMcPanel? In VPS/ Dedicated server, the maximum file size can be sent is 50 MB. This is the default limit... How To Set Custom PHP Version Per Directory? On CloudLinux shared hosting plans, we support multiple PHP versions. You can determine which PHP... How To Use the PHP X-Ray Feature Available in cPanel for WordPress sites? Introduction PHP X-Ray acts as a virtual dеtеctivе, allowing you to tracе and analyzе PHP... How can you fix cPanel showing the wrong MySQL database size? Are you experiencing the frustrating issue of cPanel showing incorrect database sizes? Many... How do I add (bind) additional IPs in WHM? In Cpanel servers, you can add more than one IP address. Having extra IP addresses is handy for... How do I backup my website on Amazon S3 using cPanel? Backup is one of the crucial steps in the website configuration. Maintaining the website backup... How do I enable ExecCGI via .htaccess file? You can enable ExecCGI by going to your .htaccess and adding this line to the file: Options... How do I suspend/unsuspend a cPanel account via root SSH? Suspending an account means the associated website is no longer visible online. Instead, visitors... How to Access the In-Browser Terminal Interface from WHM? Wеb Host Managеr (WHM) is usеd for managing and maintaining wеb sеrvеrs, providing a graphical... How to Allow Remote Connection to MySQL Server in cPanel/WHM Server? To prevent potential security risks to MySQL servers, by default, remote MySQL connections are... How to Block BOTS on LiteSpeed web server with cPanel? Introduction: Using the Mod Security Custom Rule Set, we can block the bad bots in cPanel/WHM.... How to Block Bots using Robots.txt File in cPanel? Robot.txt file is a simple text file created on a root directory of your website which allows the... How to Block Emails by Country or Domain in cPanel? In the latest version of cPanel, they have added new features to block emails from any particular... How to Change PHP Directives Globally from WHM in EasyApache 4? You can follow below steps to change the values of PHP directives for all the websites running a... How to Check Disk Space Usage of WHM Reseller Account? Following article will assist you to check the disk space usage of individual cPanel accounts.... How to Check Your Website’s Error Log in cPanel? In this article, we will show you how you can check your website’s error logs in cPanel. It is... How to Create Reseller Account from WHM? WHM allows you to create reseller accounts under your cPanel Linux VPS. To create reseller... How to Create Website from RVSiteBuilder in cPanel? There are few site builders available in the market which can help the user to build their... How to Delete An Email Account From cPanel? As part of this article, you will learn how to delete an email account from cPanel. When you... How to Disable AWSTATs From cPanel? Please follow below mentioned steps to disable AWSTATS for website. Login to WHM and find... How to Disable AutoSSL Email Notifications in cPanel? cPanel provides a free AutoSSL certificate which has the complete automation process. cPanel... How to Disable Directory Browsing in cPanel? If there is no index file to display your website, it will show the directories and other files.... How to Enable Digest Authentication for Web Disk in cPanel? What is Digest Authentication for Web Disk? Digest Authentication is a method for securely... How to Enable Ioncube Loader in WHM? Introduction Thе IonCubе Loadеr is a spеcial add-on for PHP that еnablеs thе еxеcution of PHP... How to Enable Spam Filters From cPanel to Reduce Incoming spam? In order to filter out unwanted messages/spams, you can activate the Spam Filters anti-spam tool... How to Enable SpamAssassin From cPanel to Reduce Incoming spam? In order to filter out unwanted messages/spam, you can activate SpamAssassin anti-spam tool from... How to Enable Symlink Protection through WHM? Introduction: To enable the symlink protection in WHM, you can follow the below steps 1. Please... How to Enable Temporary URL for WHM/cPanel? We can set a temporary URL on cPanel. It helps to check and verify your website is working... How to Enable or Disable WP_Debug? Introduction: Maintaining your WordPress website with WP_Debug is an invaluable option. WP Debug... How to Enable/Disable Apache/PHP Modules Using EasyApache3? In this article, we'll discuss how to enable/disable Apache or PHP modules using the EasyApache... How to Enable/Disable Greylisting in WHM? Greylisting is a WHM tool for the Linux server that is used to prevent incoming spamming on your... How to Enable/Disable PHP Extensions From cPanel? The following article will assist you to enable/disable PHP extensions from cPanel. 1. Log in to... How to Fix WHM/cPanel Temp URL 404 or Not Supported Error? You can use the cPanel's temporary URL to verify your website before publishing it live. However,... How to Fix the Issue of Web Server Redirecting to the Hostname from WHM? When you use WHM, cPanel, or webmail, the web server sends you to the server's name. This happens... How to Fix: check_mysql Has Determined That There Are Corrupted Database Tables (eximstats) In this article, we will discuss how to resolve the error: check_mysql Has Determined That There... How to Generate CSR Key via WHM? This article describes how to generate a CSR key for your website. Once you create a CSR key, you... How to Generate and install SSL certificates in WHM Please Click Here to see the detailed steps on generating CSR key via WHM.Please Click Here to... How to Increase Disk Space for a cPanel account in WHM? Please refer to the below steps to increase the disk space of your account in WHM. Login to... How to Increase Mailbox Quota in cPanel? With Windows Hosting plans, you can use up to 2 GB of email disk space. With our Web Hosting... How to Increase MySQL Database Upload limit in PhpMyAdmin from cPanel? In order to increase the database maximum upload size limit in phpMyAdmin, you will need to... How to Install ClamAV plugin from WHM? ClamAV is a one of the most popular open source antivirus plugin available for cPanel servers.... How to Install IonCube in cPanel/WHM ? IonCube loader is a free PHP extension used to decode encrypted PHP files at runtime. Please... How to Install LiteSpeed Web Server in WHM/cPanel with Centos 7.x? LiteSpeed is the famous popular web server and drop-in replacement of Apache webserver. It... How to Install NGINX in WHM Server Through Cpnginx? Cpnginx is yet a feature-rich customizable NGINX installer. It allows you to build and deploy... How to Install NGINX in WHM Server Through Engintron? Engintron (Nginx on cPanel) is an open source NGINX installer, which integrates your existing WHM... How to Install Node.js on cPanel Server Via WHM? Node.js is a runtime environment for JavaScript that is open-source, cross-platform, and widely... How to Install Redis Caching Engine on cPanel server? Redis is an open-source in-memory caching engine that can improve web applications' performance... How to Install SSL Certificate on WHM/cPanel Services? By default, all WHM/cPanel services use self signed certificate and you get warning while using... How to Install SSL Certificate via WHM? This article describes how to install an SSL certificate on your domain from WHM. If you want to... How to Install UNIXy cPanel Varnish Plugin? UNIXy is a feature-rich Varnish cache plugin for WHM servers developed by UNIXy. It allows you to... How to Install XVarnish in WHM Server? xVarnish is an open source high-performance HTTP accelerator, best suitable for shared WHM... How to Install a Perl Module in cPanel? Perl module allows adding the custom functionality to cPanel & WHM server. Please refer to... How to Install and Configure PostgreSQL in WHM? Open-source PostgreSQL is a relational database management system renowned for its resilience and... How to Migrate/transfer Emails from cPanel to cPanel? You can migrate the whole cPanel account, including emails using the cPanel transfer tool. Click... How to Move Accounts From One cPanel Server To Another cPanel server? cPanel facilitates you with the built-in Transfer Tools, allowing you to migrate your existing... How to Optimize Apache Web Server? Apache is a freely available Web server that is distributed under an "open source" license.... How to Publish Your Website from RapidWeaver? RapidWeaver is a web-designing application for Mac OS. You can easily publish your website using... How to Rebuild PTR / Reverse DNS Cache and Update Mail HELO for Email deliverability in WHM/cPanel?   What is PTR or Reverse DNS? A PTR (Pointer Record) or Reverse DNS is a DNS record type used... How to Remove all blocked IPs from CSF in WHM? Many server administrators use ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) as a robust tool to... How to Restart Apache service from WHM? The Apache web server is a software program that allows a computer to host websites. It receives... How to Restore Home Directory Backup in cPanel? In this article, we will describe the steps to restore partial home directory backup via cPanel.... How to Restore MySQL Database from phpMyAdmin? This article will provide you the step by step guidance on how to restore MySQL database through... How to Restrict Addon Domains Folder Accessing from Main Domain in cPanel? If you are running your websites under cPanel and have addon domains linked with subdomains and... How to Set Up Private Nameservers in WHM/cPanel? Private nameservers, also known as custom nameservers. It resolves the domain name into an IP... How to Set the Server Time Zone in WHM? We deliver Linux VPS with default Timezone i.e. MST – Mountain Standard Time. You may need to... How to Show Hidden Files at cPanel File Manager? More often, you would need to edit the .htaccess file (most common file for WordPress), and you... How to Start/Stop/Restart MySQL service in WHM? Database administration is prevalent across small, medium, and large organizations. It... How to Switch Web Server from Apache to LiteSpeed on WHM? Apache and LiteSpeed both are the WebServers. Apache is older and popular compared to LiteSpeed.... How to Track an Email Delivery in cPanel? cPanel allows us to keep track of outgoing and incoming emails. You can track emails using the... How to Upgrade Apache using EasyApache? In this article we'll discuss how to upgrade Apache using EasyApache tool in WHM. EasyApache is a... How to Upgrade PHP Version in cPanel/WHM Server? The following article will assist you in upgrading the PHP version of the cPanel/WHM server. This... How to Upload a File Using the cPanel File Manager? cPanel’s rich feature lets you upload the files directly from the cPanel’s file manager. This... How to Use Git Version Control in cPanel? To use the git version control in the cPanel, you must create the Git Repository first. Please be... How to Whitelist or Blacklist IP in cPHulk? The cPHulk is a service in cPanel which provides protection against brute-force attacks. In this... How to access WHM panel without root password? The whmapi1 command allows you to access the WHM panel without the root password. However, you... How to access cPanel account from WHM? WHM is the control panel for the root and reseller users to manage cPanel accounts and its... How to access file manager in cpanel? File manager is a tool that will help you to manage your files, folders and directories without... How to access webmail through cPanel? Webmail is an online email application that you can use in a web browser. It lets you check your... How to activate and Manage Auto-SSL Certificate in WHM/cPanel? cPanel provides free SSL Certificate to the WHM/cPanel users. Since it is an automated process by... How to add MX record in cPanel? Please refer to the following article to add/change the MX record in cPanel. You need to point... How to add domain, sub-domain, addon domain and alias / parked domain using jupiter theme of cPanel? The Jupiter theme has replaced the outdated Paper Lantern theme in cPanel and brings several... How to allow Ports in WHM Firewall and CSF Firewall through SSH? Sometimes, you are required to open some ports in the firewall to run applications. With VPS... How to assign a Dedicated IP to cPanel? In WHM/cPanel, you can’t modify an individual website IP Address but you can change the IP... How to assign one dedicated IP to multiple cPanel accounts in WHM/cPanel? Yes. It is possible to assign one dedicated IP address to multiple cPanel accounts in WHM Panel.... How to block WHM server access for specific countries? The main benefit of blocking WHM server access for particular countries is to enhance the... How to change MySQL user password from cPanel? Steps to change MySQL user password from cPanel: Login to cPanel with provided credentials.... How to change PHP version from cPanel? The latest version of cPanel/WHM (58.3.x) is shipped with the EasyApache 4.0. It allows you to... How to change Primary Domain in WHM? Please refer to the following steps to change the primary domain for a cPanel account in WHM.... How to change bandwidth limit of cPanel account from WHM? Please refer to the following steps to change the cPanel account bandwidth limit from WHM. Log... How to change cPanel username in WHM? We do not allow to change cPanel username for Shared Hosting accounts. VPS or Dedicated server... How to change max_input_vars in cPanel? PHP collects the input variables from the cookies enabled on-page from the GET and POST requests.... How to change the PHP runtime configuration from WHM? The PHP is configured with the default values of runtime variables in our Shared Linux Hosting... How to change the default addon domain path from cPanel? In this article, we will describe to you how to change the default root directory of your addon... How to change the email address of cPanel/root email notifications from WHM? You may receive the email notification for high disk usage, high memory usage, etc., from cPanel... How to change the primary domain document root in cPanel/WHM panel? In this article, we will guide you on how to change the primary domain document root in... How to change the timezone for cPanel in webmail? In this article, we will show you how to change the timezone on horde and Roundcube webmail... How to check Various cPanel logs like WHM, Apache, MySQL, Email, Error etc? You can use cPanel to access your Linux hosting account with GUI. It is relatively easier to work... How to check cPanel Disk usage from cPanel disk usage tool? You may require to check your cPanel account Disk-space regularly. Disk usage is one of the... How to check the Version of your cPanel? cPanel is a popular tool for handling web hosting. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes... How to configure Google G Suite MX Records in a cPanel Hosting Account? Please refer to the following steps to configure Google G Suite MX Records in a cPanel. Login... How to configure custom MIME type in cPanel? MIME (Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions) types are used to specify how the browser will... How to control outgoing emails from WHM? In this article, we will show you how to configure the email server from WHM to control outgoing... How to convert addon domains to a separate cPanel account? You may have multiple addon Domains hosted in a cPanel account. Following article will help you... How to create a cPanel account from WHM? To provide an individual cPanel login access to end users, reseller and root users can create... How to create a catch-all email address in cPanel? With a catch-all email, you can catch all the emails sent to the users that are not created or... How to create a package for cPanel account? In WHM, each cPanel account is assigned with a web hosting package, which defines the hosting... How to create a website using RVsitebuilder 7 in cPanel? Please refer to the following steps to create a website using RVsitebuilder 7.  Login to your... How to create and view phpinfo file in cPanel? It is a very important and useful function of PHP to return information. It includes information... How to create user and account level filtering from cPanel? When you receive any Email on the server, you may need to discard some emails (i.e. spam mails),... How to delete Domains/subdomain in the cPanel? You can delete the add-on domains and sub-domains from the cPanel. Please refer to the below... How to disable anonymous ftp in cpnael? Note : It is not recommended to use anonymous FTP. It allows any person to access FTP without... How to download MySQL database backup from cPanel? You can download the compressed MySQL database backup from cPanel. You will need to perform the... How to enable Analytics Feature from cPanel ? cPanel has launched the Interface Analytics plugin in WHM version 78. cPanel Analytics plugin... How to enable PHP error reporting in cPanel? Please refer to the following article to enable PHP error reporting in cPanel 1. Log in to your... How to enable SSH (shell access) for the existing cPanel account? Please refer to the following steps to enable SSH access for the existing cPanel account.... How to enable and disable the PHP allow_url_fopen directive? The "allow_url_fopen" setting is a configuration option in PHP that governs the ability of PHP... How to enable cPanel password reset in WHM? The WHM control panel allows individual users to reset their cPanel password without logged into... How to enable cPanel’s Official Let’s Encrypt certificate on WHM/cPanel? cPanel provides a Free SSL Certificate called AutoSSL Certificate. AutoSSL provides SSL... How to enable cPhulk in WHM? cPHulk is a powerful extension that protects your server from the brute force attacks. In this... How to enable two factor authentication in cPanel? Please refer to the following steps to enable two-factor authentication in cPanel. Login to... How to enable/disable Apache & PHP modules using EasyApache4? EasyApache is a powerful script that allows you to upgrade and configure Apache web server. It... How to enable/disable ConfigServer Firewall in WHM? ConfigServer Firewall, often called CSF, is a popular tool for making servers safer. It helps to... How to enable/disable mod security in cPanel? Disabling ModSecurity on your domains loses the extra layer of security protection that the... How to find and check the access logs of the website in cPanel? Access logs comprise a record of every request made for each specific file on a website,... How to find your Local Email Client setting in cPanel? User can configure your email accounts of cPanel in a local email client like Outlook,... How to fix "Unable to Fetch Emails" Error in Roundcube Webmail on cPanel? Are you upset about the "Unable to Fetch Emails" problem in Roundcube Webmail on cPanel? No need... How to fix RVsitebuilder error : decode_json failed, invalid json. error: garbage after JSON object, at character offset 216 You may receive the below error while configuring the website using the RVsitebuilder in cPanel.... How to fix cPanel Error : IP Address Has Changed? Please refer to the following steps to fix the cPanel error - IP Address has changed! Log in... How to fix rpmdb failed error while processing cPanel update? You may face the below error while updating cPanel with upcp command or while updating centos... How to fix: ‘550 Sender verify failed’ error? There might be several reasons for 550 Sender verify failed’ error when you try to send the... How to get SPF, DKIM and PTR Record for Email Deliverability from cPanel? Email Deliverability is a useful cPanel feature to prevent your emails from being marked as spam... How to import cPanel awstats to another host? In cPanel, AWStats allows you to view GUI statistics of Web, Ftp and Mail server. If you have... How to increase memory_limit using .htaccess in cPanel? Please refer to the following steps to increase PHP memory_limit. Login to your cPanel. Please... How to increase the maximum attachment size in webmail through the WHM panel? Introduction: If you need to change the maximum attachment size allowed in webmail, you need to... How to increse FTP timeout from WHM/cPanel? Please refer to the following steps to increase the timeout value for FTP on WHM/cPanel. 1. Log... How to install DokuWiki using Softaculous on cPanel? DokuWiki is a software package that allows you to create an online wiki. It is an open-source... How to install Imagick on your cPanel? Imagick is one of the most required add-ons to enable image manipulation on your Website. Please... How to install Magento 2.4.2 on Centos 7.x with cPanel? Magento is an open-source e-commerce application written in PHP language. Magento also uses other... How to install Moodle using Softaculous in cPanel? Introduction: You need to have PHP extension fileinfo enabled for your domain and PHP version... How to install OPcache in cPanel/WHM? OPcache is a PHP extension, and it helps to improve the performance of your PHP Website. OPcache... How to install Oscommerce manually in cPanel ? Oscommerce is an open-source script. You can host the OsCommerce on cPanel or another hosting... How to install PrestaShop in cPanel? PrestaShop is a free and open-source e-commerce content management system (CMS). Please refer to... How to install Softaculous on Linux server with cPanel? Ioncube loader should be installed and enabled on your Linux machine with cPanel before... How to install Virtualmin/Webmin control panel in CentOS 7? Please refer to the following steps to install Virtualmin/Webmin on Centos 7.x Let us update... How to install WordPress Toolkit on WHM/cPanel? WordPress toolkit allows the installation, configuration, and management of Wordpress. It is... How to install memcache in WHM/cPanel server (CentOS)? The following article will assist you in installing Memcache in cPanel/WHM server. 1. Log in to... How to manage API token in cPanel? Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow developers to perform actions (functions) that... How to manage DNS records of a domain in cPanel? cPanel/WHM is a hosting control panel for Linux users. It allows you to manage all general DNS... How to manage hosting packages on WHM/cPanel? In this article, we will teach you how to manage your current hosting package. It is so easy to... How to manually remove service proxying for the migrated cPanel accounts manually on source server? A service proxy configures a local service to forward requests for your cPanel account's domain... How to migrate the cPanel account to the DirectAdmin Panel? As we know cPanel increased their pricing and now they are charging based on each cPanel account.... How to modify the maximum number of POP3 connections in WHM/cPanel? In case, you are getting the error Error – Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded... How to monitor resource limit information in cPanel? Let me tell you that we host your cPanel shared hosting account on CloudlinuxOS at... How to permanently remove all emails in cPanel? You may require to free up the cPanel Disk space by removing emails from your email account... How to reboot server from whm? Sometimes we may need to reboot the server for installation or configuration. So, in such a... How to redirect cPanel/Webmail to encrypted connection [SSL]? When you want to transmit sensitive information over the Internet, you should use HTTPS instead... How to remove emails from mail queue in WHM? Introduction: Thе Wеb Host Managеr (WHM) panеl is a powеrful tool that allows administrators to... How to remove files that are more than 100 MB inside the public_html folder in cPanel server ? Please run the below command to find out the files that are more than 100 MB inside your cPanel... How to reset FTP user password in cPanel? You can change the FTP password from cPanel using the following steps: Login to cPanel. Go to... How to reset cPanel password from WHM? WHM helps you to create and manage the cPanel accounts. Following tutorial will provide you step... How to resolve "Apache Passenger is required by Python Selector. Please, contact your hoster" cPanel error message? Introduction: You may receive one of the following errors when attempting to use cPanel >>... How to resolve cPanel error - Write failed: disk quota exceeded? If you attempt to upload a file, update your database, or send an email from your control panel,... How to resolve error "LOAD DATA INFILE is terminated with #1045 Access denied" error in cPanel server? MySQL has the ability to import data from external files such as CSV, Excel or even SQLite... How to resolve the mail Sending Error: "message has lines too long for transport"? A recent update to cPanel has caused a problem for many people trying to send emails from the... How to restart Apache to make httpd.conf changes permanent? When cPanel is updated or Httpd service is restarted using WHM, the custom changes made in the... How to restore MySQL Database backup using Backup Wizard in cPanel? In this tutorial, we will guide you through the entire process of creating and restoring a MySQL... How to run ClamAV and Maldet together on cPanel server? You may be familiar with ClamAV and Maldet scanner (aka Linux Malware Detect). They're widely... How to run ClamAV scan from SSH in cPanel server? In this article, we'll discuss how to run ClamAV scan via SSH in cPanel/WHM server. ClamAV is one... How to secure MySQL database backup from phpMyAdmin in cPanel? This article will provide you the step by step guidance on how to secure a backup of your MySQL... How to set Global email filters in cPanel to discard any email? Suppose you are receiving spam emails with the specific subject line contains the word buy. Now,... How to set index page from cPanel via .htaccess? You can set the custom index page to your website by modifying the .htaccess file. This article... How to set limited privileges to a reseller account in WHM? After creating Reseller account in WHM, the most important part is to set Reseller privileges.... How to set password protection in cPanel directory In this article, we will show you how to add password protection to your cPanel directories.... How to set the backup configuration in WHM? You should consider taking the Backup of your cPanel data at a regular interval. cPanel provides... How to set the cron job to run a PHP script in cPanel? This article will help you set up the cron job for a PHP file in cPanel. What is Cron? Cron is... How to setup DNS record for the office 365 in cPanel? First, you need to collect your DNS record for your domain from Office 365. Once you have these... How to setup Database Map tool from WHM Panel? cPanel provide a feature called Database Map tool. You can provide ownership of databases and... How to take MySQL database backup using cPanel cron? cPanel offers a cron that allows you to run your commands or scripts automatically at certain... How to take full backup of your hosting space created in cPanel? cPanel allows a facility of taking full backup of your web resources in a single module. Visit... How to trouble shoot the error: Cpanel::Exception::Database::Error/(XID 9a8sak)? When the PHPMyAdmin is stuck with the message “The system will redirect you in a moment,” it may... How to upgrade MySQL/Maria DB in WHM/cPanel? Note: These steps will work only with the cPanel version 88 and later. Please refer to the below... How to use SFTP to connect a cPanel account? FTP is defined as File Transfer Protocol. You can transfer files between two remote... How to view hidden files in cPanel? In cPanel files starting with a dot such as .htaccess files are hidden by default.  In this... How to view website statistics in cPanel? AWStats produces visual statistics about visitors to your site. Linux cPanel/WHM users can view... How to whitelist an IP address in ModSecurity Below are the steps to whitelist an IP address in ModSecurity using Terminal. Note: You must... How to whitelist/blacklist IP addresses using command line and GUI in CSF firewall? CSF or ConfigServer security and firewall inside WHM allows you to whitelist or blacklist IP... I have cPanel and my recipient is not receiving email. Which exact logs should I check? If you send an email from your cPanel account and the recipient does not receive it, you need to... If the client removes a FTP account in Linux cPanel hosting, will the files be removed as well? Yes, it is possible. Deleting your FTP account will also delete all files associated with your... In which LogFile would you find Account Creation/Termination Information? A log file is a record of events that a computer keeps. It's created during software setups and... Is it possible to create a separate cPanel account for each subdomain? You can create a separate cPanel account for each subdomain. It's also good if you want to... Listening ports of cPanel/WHM Following are the ports used by cPanel/WHM for its service. cPanel without SSL: 2082 cPanel... SMTP error while using PHPMailer with GMail Authentication Problem Statement One of our Linux VPS customer was unable to send emails through PHPMailer... Shell script to change multiple cPanel account password. You may need to change the password of all your cPanel account in case of a potential security... Understand the load average in cPanel. In this article, we will give you an in-depth explanation of the system load average in cPanel.... Updating MariaDB to v10.2.35 or v10.3.26 is showing MySQL Databases as offline in cPanel. You might see your cPanel is showing The MySQL server is currently offline after updating MariaDB... What Is Greylisting And Why It Should Be Enabled? Introduction: Greylisting is an email filtering technique that explicitly targets potential spam... What Is PHP Handler and How To Change PHP Handlers In WHM? PHP handlers are Apache modules that contain libraries for the Apache web server to use when... What Is The Restricted Restore Feature In WHM/cPanel? In this article, we will assist you with the Restricted Restore feature of WHM/cPanel.  The... What Is WordPress Toolkit In cPanel And What Is The Usage Of It? WordPress Toolkit is a WordPress management solution with a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface... What are the differecnce between Sub-Domain, Parked Domain And An Add-on Domain? SubDomain You can add additional sections to your main domain as a sub-domain. This will help to... What is Hotlink Protection? You've probably experienced hotlinking when someone links directly to one of your images on their... What is LVE manager? Why it is useful? - LVE manager stands for “Lightweight Virtual Environment”  - With the use of LVM technology we... What is Laravel Framework? How to Install the Laravel Framework in Cpanel? Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web application framework first released in 2011. It is a... What is Leech Protection? Leech Protect is one of the Security protection provided by cPanel. If users are publically... What is cPanel? cPanel is a Web-based control panel provides by Hosting Providers to their clients to manage... What is the benefit of creating multiple domains under the same account in cPanel/WHM? Managing multiple websites and hosting packages can be challenging, as it requires time and... What is the benefit of different accounts for each domain? Having separate accounts for each domain can provide several benefits: Improved security: If you... What is the difference between Remote Vs Local Mail Exchange Email Routing in cPanel? Introduction: Managing your domain's incoming mail can bе a critical aspеct of smooth... What should be checked in cPanel regarding 503 error? Introduction: 503 Service Unavailable error typically occurs due to high resource consumption by... Why should we set deliver_queue_load_max and queue_only_load values in Exim Mail in WHM server? In cPanel's WHM server environment, Exim is commonly used as the mail transfer agent (MTA) to... cPanel Roundcube webmail is not loading for particular email account only and it is stuck at "Logging you in" screen browser. What are the possible solutions? There are a few potential fixes if you are unable to use a specific email account's Roundcube... cPanel error - MySQL: Server sent charset (255) unknown to the client. Websites hosted on the same cPanel are giving mysql errors. Log is showing  MySQL: Server sent... how to change the primary domain document root in cPanel/WHM panel? In this article, we will guide you on how to change the primary domain document root in... how to install and configure mod security on cPanel? ModSecurity is a web application firewall. It blocks the incoming web request depends on the...
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