How to Enable/Disable Greylisting in WHM?

Greylisting is a WHM tool for the Linux server that is used to prevent incoming spamming on your VPS. It will temporarily reject any email that fails on initial delivery and not re-delivered. If the email is legit, the sender mail server will retry to send the email after a short delay that will be checked by receiving an email server where Greylisting is enabled and all the legit email will be passed after its analysis. Greylisting will pass the emails to your Inbox after some time.

Please refer to the following steps to enable/disable Greylisting in WHM.

  1. Login to the WHM Panel.

  2. Go to the Email section and click on Greylisting.

  3. By default, Greylisting will be disabled. You can click on the Greylisting button to enable it.

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