Can I automate the management of my existing Dedicated Hosts? Once you define preferences for managing your Dedicated Hosts to the License Manager, you can... Can you build a custom Dedicated Server? Yes, we offer custom Dedicated Servers. For more details, you can click here: Custom Dedicated... Do your Dedicated Servers access Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy (GPO)? No, a Dedicated Server doesn’t have access to AD (Active Directory) and GPO (Group Policy). If a... Is Dedicated Hosting more secure than Shared Hosting? Shared Hosting plans tend to be more susceptible to cyber-attacks than Dedicated Hosting in terms... What Are The Risk Of Not Having A Dedicated IP Address? Dedicated IP addresses are unique IP addresses used only by one device. It indicates that other... What Is The Difference Between RAID 6 and RAID 10? Which is better, RAID 6 or RAID 10? This article may help you understand the difference between... What Is The Difference Between SoftRAID and HardRAID? Which One Is Better? In order to understand what is the difference between these two types of RAID (Redundant Array of... What are the choices of Hard Disk you provide for a Dedicated Server? We provide the following Hard Disks for Dedicated Servers - 1. NVME 2. SSD 3. SAS 4. SATA 5. SSD... What is the difference between managed and unmanaged Dedicated Hosting? What operating systems do you offer on Dedicated Servers? With Dedicated Servers, you will get the following options in operating systems -CentOS Ubuntu...
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