Are there any setup fees for VPS? There are no setup fees for any of the VPS Hosting plans. However, you might need to pay setup... Can I pay by Western Union? Unfortunately, we do not offer payment by Western Union or Money Transfer by the bank.We accept... Can I pay multiple due invoices using a single transaction? Yes, you can pay multiple invoices using a single transaction. Please follow below mentioned... Can I pay over the phone? No, we do not accept payments over the phone. Get Windows VPS Hosting Can I set recurring subscription after or on the due date of my service using CreditCard Payment method? You can't set a Credit Card Payment recurring subscription on or after your service due date. You... Can I set up a way to do automatic billing through my Credit Card / PayPal? Yes, you can. However, you can setup automatic payment until the due date of your unpaid invoice... Can a Coupon Code Discount Be Carried Forward While I Upgrade My VPS Account? No, coupon code discount can not be carried forward because they are different from... Do You Have Any Country Specific Restrictions? Following nations are currently banned from whatever type of operating arrangement with us:... Do you accept payment via PayPal? Yes, we do accept payment via PayPal. But we only accept payment from Verified PayPal accounts... Do you provide WHMCS for reseller hosting? We do not offer free WHMCS license with reseller hosting plan. While our reseller hosting plan... Do you support Bitcoin payment method? At the moment, we don't accept Bitcoin as a payment.Looking for payment terms at Accuwebhosting?... For New Customers :: How to make one time OR recurring payment using Credit Card? Once you have chosen desired products/services and placed an order, go to checkout page.... How Do I Recover My Client Area Password? While you sign-up with AccuWebHosting, you would receive the client area login details (Welcome... How can I change the billing cycle of my hosting service? It is possible to change the billing cycle of your hosting service. However, you will require to... How do I cancel Recurring Payments in 2CO and PayPal? Cancel 2Checkout Subscription To cancel/stop a 2CheckOut Recurring payment on your Credit Card,... How do I initiate a cancellation request for a Dedicated Server? We expect 30 days prior notice for cancellation of a dedicated server. Upon your indication... How do I update my email and contact information? You can change your admin email address and contact information by two ways. You can change it... How do i renew my service plans? We will send an invoice to your registered email account 5 days before your service due date. You... How to avail automated billing through Credit Card? This article briefly explains the steps to avail of the Credit Card payment subscription. In... How to avail automated billing through PayPal? We frequently receive requests from many clients regarding recurring payments. We do accept... How to change ownership of AccuWebHosting billing account without having access of registered email address? There are times when you need to acquire ownership of your AccuWebHosting billing account from... How to change your Credit Card information for recurring subscriptions? If you want to change credit card information for a subscription, the following tutorial will... How to make payment with bitcoins? At the moment, we don't accept Bitcoin as a payment. This article briefly explains the steps to... How to pay an invoice using credit balance? You can make use of available credits in your account to pay an invoice or make a partial... I don't recognize "2CO.COM*ACCUWEBHO" charge on my credit card statement. Is it from AccuWebHosting? This article is valid only if you have purchased services from! For any other... I have just renewed my hosting service. How long do I have to wait for the services to be activated? Shared Hosting As soon as you make the payment for Shared Hosting renewal, your web hosting... I need due date extension to make the payment. How do I request for it? We provide 10 days of grace period to make the payment against due invoices. That means, you’ll... In case, if I have lost an access to my registered email address, can you send invoices to other email address? No, we do not send any communication to any email address other than registered on our billing... Is it possible to restore a Dedicated server once it gets cancelled? Is it chargeable? A dedicated server cannot be restored once it is cancelled.   Get Dedicated Server Is it possible to restore a VPS once it gets cancelled? The quick answer is No. Once we receive a confirmation to cancel the VPS service, we delete it... Is my Credit Card information safe with you? We do not store your Credit Card information. We are using the services of and... Retiring Google Checkout Announcement Google is contemplating to shut down its “Google Checkout Payment” system after November 20,... Verify Your PayPal Ownership Verify Your PayPal Ownership It is possible that you receive an email from us asking to verify... What Is Order Execution Time For Shared, VPS And Dedicated Server Orders? After placing an order on our website, your order will undergo an automated verification process.... What are the payment options offered by AccuWeb Hosting We accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, checks, and money orders. Credit Cards... What is Recurring or Subscription payment? Recurring or Subscription is an automated payment method wherein your credit card or PayPal... What is included in Accuweb hosting service to create an anonymous hosting plan? Clients can register and use their private name servers in hosting services like VPS, Dedicated... What is the Licensing cost For Virtual & Dedicated Servers. You can check the Licensing cost of Dedicated/Virtual Servers for the following services from... What is the email address to contact the billing department? You can contact our billing department via sending an email at '[email protected]'. If... What is your money back guarantee and refund policy? You are eligible to receive a full refund only if you cancel your services before money back... What payment terms are available to complete the payment? Based on the web hosting services you have purchased, AccuWebHosting offers following 5 billing... Where can I submit my check payment? You can submit your check payment at our following billing address: AccuWebHosting.Com C/o.... Which Credit / Debit Cards should I use for the payment? Following types of Credit Cards will be acceptable by our payment gateway: American Express... Which currencies are supported by Accuwebhosting? Accuwebhosting uses as our payment gateway. Here is the list of acceptable payment... Why do I need to provide Identity proof for order verification? To prevent online fraudulent activity and provide you not only the best but secure service, we... Will I get a discount if I upgrade my vps? No. We don’t offer any discount incase of a VPS upgrade. Please note that your ongoing discount...
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