What Is Order Execution Time For Shared, VPS And Dedicated Server Orders? Print

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Shared Hosting

Upon purchase of the shared hosting service, we will activate your hosting account as soon as your payment passes through our payment verification system. Usually, shared hosting accounts will be activated, and necessary login details will be sent within 60 minutes.

If you have just purchased shared web hosting, and it shows as Pending status, you should check your registered email address. You should have received an email from AccuWebHosting letting you know the exact reason behind the account activation delay.


VPS Hosting

Upon signing up for the VPS Hosting service, your VPS order and payment will have to pass through our automated verification system. Once your VPS order successfully passes through these checkpoints, we will put your VPS in the setup queue. The followings are the complete VPS setup workflow, which may take 6 to 8 hours to complete.
  • Our automated verification system will verify your order and payment (due to increased fraudulent activities on Internet, we may also ask photo ID to authenticate your VPS order).
  • Your order will be sent to the setup queue of the VPS Department.
  • A technician from VPS Department will set up your VPS as per selected configurations and update the operating system if any updates are available.
  • After completion of setup, the technician will verify your VPS and send you the complete login details at your registered email address.
Sometimes, customers choose a VPS plan with insufficient resources that would not be able to serve the selected software efficiently. In such cases, we will send an email to the customer’s registered email stating the recommended plans for the selected configuration. For example, for Windows Server 2012 with SolidCP and SQL Server, Windows VPS with 3 GB or higher RAM is recommended. If you purchase a lower VPS plan for this configuration, we will send an email stating the recommended VPS plan for the selected configuration.
In any case, after ordering a web hosting service, you should keep checking your registered email address for further notifications from AccuWebHosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Upon receiving the dedicated server order, we check our inventory to ascertain the availability of hardware. If the ordered configuration is unavailable in our inventory, we will offer you an alternate configuration. It may take 2 to 15 days for dedicated server delivery from the time you confirm dedicated server configuration (considering some more hours on weekends).

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