Can I sell products through my WordPress website? Yes, wordpress can set up an e-commerce store, and you can sell physical or digital products. For... Fix : The response is not a valid JSON response in Wordpress. You may receive the below error while updating the WordPress post.  The response is not a valid... Cause of high I/O and RAM usage of the WordPress site and possible solution to fix it Here, we will show you the possible reason for the high I/O and RAM usage of the WordPress site... Fix - Your PHP Installation Appears to be Missing the MySQL Extension which is Required by WordPress Usually, this error will occur if you are using an incompatible PHP version with your current... How Can I Speed Up My WordPress Site? A smooth and speedy WordPress site is essential to reducing the page loading time, lowering... How Can You Keep Your WordPress Site Secure? Best Practices for WordPress Security Establishing an online presence should be done in... How Do I Add an Image Gallery to My Post in WordPress? An image gallery in a WordPress post is a great way to display more images within less space in a... How To Find The WordPress Version Of Site? WordPress should be updated regularly. In order to stay secure and avoid bugs, you should always... How can I improve my SEO on WordPress? Our Fully Managed WordPress Hosting solutions can help you improve your SEO rankings! You can... How can I protect my wordpress website from hackers? Running a personal blog or a corporate website requires a high level of security. We are more... How can I use categories and tags in my post? While creating a post, use the meta boxes at the right of your content to select categories and... How do we add a WordPress website again to cPanel WP Toolkit if we detach it from it? If you install WordPress using the WordPress Toolkit will automatically appear in the WordPress... How to Add Google Analytics on a WordPress Website? Google Analytics is a popular tool for getting detailed statistical information about visitor... How to Add Google reCAPTCHA Protection on WordPress? Google reCAPTCHA is a free service provided by Google which helps to protect websites from spam... How to Add LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress Website in cPanel? Before proceeding further with the steps for LiteSpeed Cache installation, let’s first understand... How to Add a New WordPress Admin User via MySQL? Many reasons require you to add a new WordPress administrator user, such as a hacked website or a... How to Change Date and Time in WordPress? WordPress lets you update the date and time that is most appropriate for your timezone or is... How to Change WordPress Admin Username through MySQL Database? This article will show you the basic steps on how to change the WordPress admin username through... How to Change WordPress Database Table Prefix? You will see the default table prefix as 'wp_;' if you have a WordPress website. However, some... How to Change WordPress Theme from phpMyAdmin? WordPress theme defines the display of your website. Generally, we change the WordPress theme... How to Change Your WordPress URL from phpMyAdmin? If you want to migrate your website to a different domain or add a temporary URL to test your... How to Change the Menu Navigation in WordPress? WordPress lets you create navigation menus through its built-in Menu Editor in the admin section.... How to Change the Site URL and Home URL Settings in WordPress? WordPress offers two configurable URLs to load the content correctly: the WordPress address and... How to Change the WordPress Dashboard Language? When you install WordPress, the default language will be English. But you can change it to your... How to Configure WordPress to Use Temporary URL in cPanel? WordPress is a CMS application that can be installed and accessed through a domain name.... How to Create an Additional WordPress Admin Account? Creating an additional admin user in WordPress is quite simple, and it can be done by following... How to Deactivate WordPress Plugins when unable to access WP-Admin? While troubleshooting for any websites, you might be suggested to deactivate all the plugins and... How to Deactivate/ Disable WordPress Plugins without Accessing wp-admin? While troubleshooting any WordPress issues, you are asked to deactivate and then activate all... How to Defer Parsing of JavaScript in WordPress? If you have tested your WordPress website speed in a website speed testing tool like GTMetrix,... How to Delete a WordPress Website in cPanel? There are multiple ways to delete/remove your WordPress website.  This article will show you how... How to Disable Email Notification in the WordPress Cron Job? This article will show you how to disable the email notification you get whenever the cron job... How to Disable WordPress Pingback to Prevent Pingback Brute Force and DDoS Attacks? WordPress has become the most popular CMS, continuously increasing its market share. But the... How to Disable the wp-cron.php in WordPress? WordPress uses wp-cron.php to schedule the task for the WordPress websites, such as scheduling a... How to Drive More Traffic to Your WordPress Site? WordPress is a great content management system (CMS) widely preferred by bloggers, entrepreneurs,... How to Embed Google Slides on a Website? Presentation is a great way to share information. It allows you to convey your message clearly,... How to Enable Gzip Compression for WordPress via .htaccess file? When Gzip compression isn't enabled on the WordPress website, Google PageSpeed Insight gives you... How to Enable PHP Error Log for a WordPress website? WordPress is a widely used open-source CMS, and it is coded in PHP and MySQL. WordPress provides... How to Enable Redis Object Cache on Your Free WordPress Hosting? If you have object caching enabled on your WP Total Cache plugin, disable it from your WP... How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress? This article will show you how to use Google Authenticator to enable two-factor authentication in... How to Enable WordPress Maintenance Mode? The WordPress Maintenance mode page can be set up when updating the WordPress core, plugins, or... How to Enable/ Disable Pingback and Traceback in WordPress? Pingback and tracebacks are link notifications that enable you to track when someone links your... How to Find Database Details of Your WordPress in cPanel? This article is for you if you are a WordPress beginner and want to know where to find your... How to Fix 'SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate' Error When running the old version of WordPress, you may face an issue (as shown below) while upgrading... How to Fix 'The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads' Error? Sometimes while trying to upload new media/ images to your WordPress website, you can face the... How to Fix Mixed Content Issue on WordPress? Nowadays, most websites load with HTTPS because of the SSL installation. However, a few sites... How to Fix Secure Connection Error while Upgrading WordPress on CentOS? Sometimes when you start to update WordPress or plugins in WordPress, you might get the following... How to Fix Too Many Redirects After Updating WordPress? We will go through some troubleshooting steps to fix too many redirects which might occur after... How to Fix White Screen of Death Error in WordPress? Anyone involved in WordPress development must have faced the annoying white page without any... How to Fix WordPress Admin Redirection to a Different Domain? You must have faced this issue when accessing your WordPress admin page, which redirects to a... How to Fix Wordpress error : Sorry, You Are Not Allowed to Access This Page While accessing your WordPress admin dashboard and trying to log in, you can get an issue with a... How to Fix the 'MySQL Server Has Gone Away' Error in WordPress? There are three ways to fix the 'MySQL Server Has Gone Away' error in WordPress. Editing your... How to Fix the ‘500 Internal Server Error’ in WordPress? If you have been facing a ‘500 Internal Server Error' in your WordPress website, then this... How to Fix the ‘Missed Schedule Post Error’ in WordPress? WordPress comes with a built-in feature to schedule your posts which lets you write your posts in... How to Fix the ‘SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK’ Error? You may encounter the error ‘SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK’ while... How to Fix ‘403 Forbidden’ Error in WordPress? The 403 Forbidden error code is shown in a web browser when trying to access a URL, and your web... How to Fix ‘Error Establishing a Database Connection’ in WordPress? The 'Error establishing a database connection' in WordPress is the worst nightmare for WordPress... How to Fix ‘cURL Error 28 Connection Timed Out After X milliseconds’? cURL is a software utility used for WordPress and web applications to send/receive data requests... How to Fix: WordPress error: uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini? This error usually occurs when you try to upload large files such as large images, videos,... How to Increase the Maximum Execution Time for a WordPress Site? How to Increase the Maximum Execution Time for a WordPress Site? You may receive the following... How to Install Cloudflare on Your WordPress Site? Before we show you how you can install Cloudflare on your WordPress site, let us first determine... How to Install Theme in WordPress Website? Before we show you how you can install the theme on your WordPress website, let us first... How to Install WooCommerce on Your WordPress? If you have installed WordPress and want to run an online store, we recommend you go with... How to Install WordPress Manually Installing WordPress is too easy using one-click installers like Fantastico, Softaculous, and... How to Install WordPress in a Sub-Directory? Install WordPress on a sub-directory, and you can run multiple WordPress instances within the... How to Install WordPress through Softaculous? Once you get the login details for your cPanel account, you can easily install the WordPress with... How to Install WordPress using WordPress Toolkit in cPanel? You can install and manage your WordPress using the WordPress Toolkit feature by following the... How to Install a WordPress Plugin? In this article, we will show you how to install a plugin on the WordPress site, which can be... How to Install and Configure W3Total Cache WordPress Plugin? Installing a caching plugin is the most effective way to accelerate the page loading speed of... How to Install the WordPress Plugin via the cPanel File Manager Upload Option? This article will guide you on installing the WordPress plugin via the cPanel file manager upload... How to Leverage Browser Caching of WordPress Website via .htaccess? If you've ever checked your WordPress website in Performance Tools such as Google PageSpeed... How to Make a WordPress Website Search Engine-Friendly? You can make your WordPress blog SEO-friendly by configuring the URL structure with permalinks.... How to Migrate WordPress Posts from to a Self-Hosted WordPress Website? On, you can create your blogs and website easily. You don't need to worry about... How to Migrate WordPress Website Using All-in-One WP Migration Plugin? The All-in-One WP Migration Plugin allows smooth migration of WordPress websites.  Important... How to Migrate/ Transfer WordPress Website from to AccuWeb Hosting? With WordPress, you can create your blogs and website easily, and you don't even have to worry... How to Migrate/ Transfer your WordPress Website to AccuWeb Hosting Server? Open your cPanel account and under the Files section, locate Backup Wizard.  Click on the... How to Move to WordPress CMS? WordPress is a widely used content management system that has inspired many bloggers,... How to Move WordPress from Root Directory to Subdirectory? Sometimes, you want to install WordPress in the root (wwwroot/public_html) directory but without... How to Move/ Transfer WordPress Website through FTP? Most people find it quite stressful to move a WordPress website to another host. But WordPress... How to Optimize WordPress Application to Prevent High CPU/ Memory Usage? If you are running a WordPress website, regularly updating your WordPress settings is necessary.... How to Optimize your Website on cPanel? You can refer to the steps below to optimize your website in cPanel. First, log in to your... How to Publish a WordPress Post at a Scheduled Time? WordPress allows publishing your posts at your scheduled time; however, you will find this... How to Reset WordPress Admin User's Password? There are several ways to reset the admin user password in WordPress. A simple method is to... How to Restore your WordPress Website from Backup? This article describes step-by-step guidelines on restoring the WordPress website from a backup.... How to Secure Complete Backup of Your WordPress Website? We maintain the backup of our shared hosting clients' accounts regularly; however, it is highly... How to Secure the WordPress Admin Area? Several large-scale WordPress wp-login.php brute force attacks have become common due to many... How to Set IP Address Restriction to Access WordPress Dashboard? WordPress is one of the most used CMS’ in the world. Recent stats indicate that nearly 90 percent... How to Solve too Many Redirects Error in WordPress? If you use WordPress, sometimes you may face some issues due to third-party plugins and themes,... How to Tell if a Website Is WordPress? WordPress is a widely used content management system (CMS) with various plugins and themes to... How to Uninstall WordPress Completely from cPanel? You may require to remove WordPress installation if you have installed it on an incorrect path or... How to Upgrade WordPress Core? Upgrading is highly recommended whenever you receive a notification regarding a new WordPress... How to Upgrade WordPress Plugins? Just updating WordPress core will not make your WordPress fully secure. Updating a plugin... How to Upload a WordPress Theme? Sometimes you must upload and install a WordPress theme manually, especially when using a... How to Upload and Use the Custom Logo in WordPress? Adding a custom logo to your WordPress website gives it a personal touch and is an essential... How to Use WP_DEBUG? Introduction PHP is a well known programming language used by Wordpress having its own debugging... How to change Permalink in WordPress? Permalinks is an address where a particular page, blog post or archive can be accessed. Each page... How to change the favicon in WordPress website? A favicon or site icon is a small image that appears next to your website's title in your... How to change your Wordpress website URL? It is very easy to change your WordPress URL. You just need to put below code into the... How to clear the WordPress cache without using a plugin? What is Caching? Caching is a process of storing copies of the website file in a cache or... How to fix error: your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress? A MySQL extension error is an error message that indicates that the PHP installation on your... How to fix the request entity too large 413 error In WordPress? The HTTP 4xx status codes are used to indicate errors related to client requests. Error 413, also... How to move WordPress from subdomain to main domain? Moving a WordPress site from a subdomain to a primary domain may seem complicated, but it's not... How to resolve WordPress error “Sorry, This File Type Is Not Permitted for Security Reasons”? The error message "sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons" appears when you... How to set up WordPress Pretty Permalinks in a Windows Environment Running IIS? Default WordPress URL looks like, which is not a user-friendly SEO... If my WordPress website is running slow, what is the best way to speed up it? If your WordPress website is running slow, there are many possible causes and different ways to... Is It Necessary For Me To Know How To Code To Work With WordPress? No, it's not true! However, it'll be a tremendous help if you do. Even developers aren't always... Is WordPress Hosting recommended for eCommerce sites? Yes, you can surely use WordPress Hosting for your e-commerce site. Still, if you are looking for... Is WordPress free? The WordPress platform is open-source and free to download. The majority of WordPress plugins and... Possible Causes of "The response is not a valid JSON response" When you publish or update a post on your wordpress site, wordPress sends a request to the web... What Is The wp-config.php File? One of the most important files in WordPress installation is the wp-config.php file. This file is... What are permalinks and why are they important? What is a permalink? A permalink is a link that points to a specific webpage or piece of content... What is RVsitebuilder And How is it useful? RVsitebuilder is a website builder platform for all hosting service companies, which gives you... What is WordPress App? How can we access the WordPress site from it? Using the WordPress mobile app, any mobile device may be used to administer, manage, and maintain... What is multisite WordPress? Do we allow it in our Premium WordPress plan? WordPress multisite is a feature in WordPress that allows you to create and manage multiple... What is the Difference Between WordPress Hosting and Linux SSD Shared Hosting? WordPress Hosting and Linux SSD Shared Hosting are shared hosting plans almost the same. Still,... When should I upgrade my WordPress hosting plan? Here are some cases when you should think about upgrading your WordPress Hosting plan: When... WordPress Login Issue: Could not save password reset key to database For the WordPress admin account, when you try to reset a lost password for the WordPress admin... WordPress Redirecting to wp-admin/install.php For several reasons, your WordPress website may get redirected to the wp-admin/install.php page....
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