How to Configure WordPress to Use Temporary URL in cPanel?

WordPress is a CMS application that can be installed and accessed through a domain name. However, as per the default configurations, you will not be able to access your website using any temporary URL. This creates complexity for customers who want to verify the hosting service before pointing their websites to a new server. 

To overcome this issue, you need to make a minor change to your WordPress configuration file, allowing you to access your website through the temporary URL before pointing it to a new server. 

You can follow the steps listed below to configure WordPress to use a temporary URL –

1. First, download the wp-config.php file in your local system through an FTP account.
    You can locate this file under the folder where you have installed WordPress.

2. Once it is downloaded, open it in any text editor and add the following line –


Here, your-temporary-url is the URL you have received in the hosting account login information email. You can access this email by referring to the steps mentioned here.
You can contact our support team for assistance if you cannot find them.

3. After specifying the two lines mentioned above, Save the changes and upload the wp-config.php file back to the server using the FTP account.

4. You can now access your website using the URL mentioned in the file.

Important Note
Once you point your domain to a new server, make sure that you remove the two lines mentioned above from the wp-config.php file.

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