How to Change WordPress Theme from phpMyAdmin?

WordPress theme defines the display of your website. Generally, we change the WordPress theme from the WordPress admin area. But in case there is incompatibility with the plugin, we may face the issue of changing the WordPress theme. We will need to change the WordPress theme from the WordPress Database. WordPress uses MySQL Database.

In this article, we have demonstrated the detailed steps to change the WordPress theme from phpMyAdmin.

Important Note:
You should take a database backup before making any changes to the database since it will impact your website once you make the changes to your database.

So, the important steps to accomplish this task are as follows –

  1. Before we start, it is important to know about the Database name used by your WordPress.
    click on this link which will help you to find your Database.

  2. Go to phpMyAdmin.

3. Click on Databases and find your Database.

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4. Click on your Database used for Wordpress.

5. Click on the wp-option in your database. In our case, we have selected wpc2_options.

6. Find two rows named template and stylesheet. You can edit the details using two ways: 

  • Double-click on value under option-value: 

          1. Here first we have searched for "Template".

          2. You can change the "option_value" by double-clicking on the value displayed under option_value and can change the theme as per your requirement.

          3. Similarly, you can also, change the value for stylesheet. Search for Stylesheet

          4. Same as theme, you can also change/ add the value by double-clicking on the value under "option_value".

  • Click on 'Edit' option.

 1. Click on the edit option. Change the new theme from the old theme in option_value. Here, we will change for template for. The value "twentytwentyfour" should be changed to your desired value.

2. Similarly, you can change for "stylesheet" as well.

 7. Click on the Go button to save changes.

You have successfully changed the WordPress theme from the phpMyAdmin Database.

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