How to Change the Menu Navigation in WordPress?

WordPress lets you create navigation menus through its built-in Menu Editor in the admin section. As a result, it is simple to create custom menus and easily change the menu navigation in WordPress. 

This article will guide you through the necessary steps that will enable you to alter a menu on the WordPress website to manage it as per your requirements.

Best Option to change WordPress Menu

To make changes to your WordPress main menu, first, you need to log in to your WordPress site, then follow the steps given below –

  • Go to Appearance and select Menus from the left-hand menu.
  • Next, select the menu you wish to update by clicking on Select a menu to edit.
  • When you click on Select, the menu will begin to populate.
  • If you wish to build a new menu, change an existing one by clicking on the Create a new menu option and giving it a name.
  • Make sure you give it a name that you can easily locate later.
  • When you select Save Menu, the menu is instantly stored and loaded.


It is especially crucial to have several menus, such as a primary menu at the top of the page and a secondary menu in the website's footer.

Adding Buttons to WordPress Menu

Adding buttons to your WordPress menu is a simple process for which you need to implement the following steps –

  • Check the boxes next to the pages, categories, or messages you want to include in your menu, and then click Add to menu.
  • The buttons will now show on your screen's right side.
  • Go to the Save menu option to save it.

Adding and Removing Buttons from WordPress Menu

  • Menu buttons align with the right side of the website. Therefore, you may rearrange the things on the screen by clicking and dragging them up and down.
  • The item type, e.g., 'Page,' 'Category,' or 'Message', etc., is displayed next to each menu item.
  • There are arrows next to this that enables you to adjust the order in which they are shown.
  • In addition, on the extreme right side, you can see a small triangle.

Adding Text for Menu Buttons’ Navigation Label

When you hover your mouse over a menu item, the title property displays the text in a tooltip. It isn't a required field, but it is generally filled out to make the site more search engine friendly.

  • The object of the link: You may select between the Same window or tab (preferred) and the New window or tab to access this link.
  • Remove: To delete a menu item, click here.
  • Important: Don't forget to click the Save menu on the right top side after finishing.

Adding a link to your WordPress menu that leads to Another Website

You may wish to include a link to another website in your menu, such as adding a login button that takes you to a login page that isn't on your WordPress website. To do this,

  • Input the site address in the URL field and the name for the menu button in the Link text field.
  • Then select Add to menu from the drop-down menu.
  • Drag the object to the desired location.
  • A link to an external website should usually open in a new window.
  • Under Link target, remember to click on the tiny triangle next to your link and select New window or tab.



Adding a Submenu to WordPress

When you want to add a submenu as a menu item to the WordPress website, follow the same steps as when you want to add a regular menu item. However, you have to move the object further to the right under the desired item as you drag it to its target location. It is how we structured a menu for a WordPress agency, for example:
The submenu item WordPress websites have been added to the WordPress service’s main menu.

Automating the Creation of WordPress Menus

You'll also discover the Menu settings button at the bottom, which allows you to add new top-level pages to this menu Automatically. Every page you create in WordPress will automatically be added to this menu if you tick (check) this box.

We usually advise against using this function since it might cause your menu to alter unexpectedly.

Changing the Menu's Placement in WordPress

You can also choose where your menu should appear on your WordPress website.

  • Go to Menu settings> Display location.

These options differ depending on the WordPress theme. Some themes have only one menu place, while others have multiple.

  • The choices below are from Enfold, our preferred WordPress theme; however, you may have alternative options if you're using another theme.
  • You can also adjust the placement of your cursor at the top of your page.
  • Edit menus (the one you're on now) and Manage locations are the two tabs.

Live Preview of the WordPress Menu Changes

  • Unlike messages and pages, WordPress menus do not enable you to Save ideas. However, it allows you to manage with a live preview by clicking Manage with Live Preview at the top of the page.
  • It will take you to the WordPress Live preview mode, where you can see the immediate effect of menu modifications as you change menu items or locations.
  • By selecting the Save & Publish option, you may still inspect the changes before making them final.
  • You can click the cross (x) in the top left corner to save the last changes.


There is no limit to options that can enable you to make your WordPress website an attractive and intriguing place for your visitors; this task can be achieved with ease via the Menu Navigation option. Thus, by following this step-by-step guide, you can easily change the menu navigation in WordPress to better control your website.

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