How to Fix the ‘Missed Schedule Post Error’ in WordPress?

WordPress comes with a built-in feature to schedule your posts which lets you write your posts in advance and schedule to publish at your preferred time. 

(Refer to How to schedule WordPress posts) 

However, your post may not be published at the scheduled time, and you may receive the notification for the error depicted below –

In this article, we have listed some troubleshooting options to fix the ‘Missed Schedule’ post error in WordPress to help you publish your post right at the scheduled time.

What causes the 'Missed Scheduled Post' in WordPress?

The main reason behind the missed schedule can be the WordPress hosting environment, or plugin conflicts, leading to this issue. WordPress uses WordPress Cron to publish your scheduled post at your preferred time. If any plugin conflicts with the cron, this may lead to missing the scheduled publishing time for the post. Once the scheduled time is missed, cron will not publish the post at another time.

How to Fix 'Missed Scheduled Error' in WordPress?

First, install and activate the plugin called Missed Scheduled Post Publisher

You don't need to configure the plugin, as it will work automatically after installation. This plugin runs every 15 minutes to find if WordPress has missed publishing any scheduled posts. If there is any missing scheduled post, it will change its status from Scheduled to Published.

You can try the steps below if the plugin installation doesn't fix your issue.

Verify Your WordPress Timezone Settings 

Ensure that your WordPress timezone matches the timezone you want to use to publish the post.

  1. To set the preferred time in WordPress, go to Settings >> General.
  2. Scroll down and check for the Timezone option. 
  3. You can select the required timezone from the dropdown.
  4. Click on Save Changes.

Increase the WordPress Memory Limit

There might be an issue with the WordPress memory limit, which you can try to increase by opening your wp-config.php and adding the following code –

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '500M');

Clear WordPress Cache

You can use the WordPress caching plugin and configure it properly to clear the cache automatically at regular intervals, as it could be one of the reasons for missing the scheduled time for publishing the post.

Trying any of the options shared above will help you resolve the 'Missed Schedule Post Error' and let your WordPress publish your desired posts right on schedule.

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