How to Migrate/ Transfer your WordPress Website to AccuWeb Hosting Server? Print

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  1. Open your cPanel account and under the Files section, locate Backup Wizard
  2. Click on the Backup Wizard, which will have Full Backup and Partial Backup options.

    cPanel Backup Wizard

  3. Select Partial Backup of Home Directory and MySQL Database.

    cPanel Partial Backup

  4. Now, download the backup of the WordPress Home Directory and MySQL Database to your local computer from the Backups option under the Files section of your cPanel.
  5. Open cPanel at a new host.
  6. Go to Backups under the Files section of your cPanel.
  7. Restore your WordPress directory and MySQL database.
  8. Click on File Manager under the Files section.
    A screen will pop up from which you have to select the Home Directory of WordPress installation.

    cPanel File Manager

  9. Edit wp-config.php file for Database Name, Database User, Database, and Password.

    Edit wp-config.php file
  10. Change the nameservers or update A records to point your WordPress to the new host.

And that's it!
You have successfully migrated your WordPress websites.

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