How To Check Notifications From Client Area?

The notification feature allows AccuWebHosting staff to convey some important information via the member area, so customers can see all the messages received on the front page of the client area.

For instance, when an AccuWebHosting support member sends you a notification from the Admin area, you'll see that message appearing in your client area under the notifications link. This message cannot be seen by others and won't be stored anywhere. When you read the notification, you can safely dismiss it.

Note that information shared via the notification feature will be visible to all your contacts(secondary admin accounts) created from the client area. In addition, you are required to collect shared information within 30 days.

After 30 days, the information will expire automatically. Follow the below instructions to read the notifications from the client area.

1.Login to your Client Area.

2.In the top right corner, you will see the link named Notifications. When AccuWebHostig support member sends you a message, they will be shown under the Notifications link.


3. Click on the Notifications link to read the message. Once you read the message, click on the Dismiss button to discard it.

Dismiss Notification


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