How to enable cPanel password reset in WHM?

The WHM control panel allows individual users to reset their cPanel password without logged into their cPanel. This option is more useful when your customer (cPanel account user) forgets the cPanel password, and you don't want him/her to contact you for a password reset.

For the security reasons, we keep this Tweak Setting disabled by default. If you want to facilitate your cPanel users with a cPanel password reset link, you can enable an option called Reset Password For cPanel Accounts from WHM as follows.

Note that, by enabling this option you are allowing anyone to request a cPanel password reset. This is pretty much a security issue and we recommend you to disable it.

  1. Login to your WHM panel.
  2. In the left side menu panel, search for Tweak Settings. You will see Tweak Settings option appearing, just click on it.

    Tweak Settings

  3. On the next screen, type Reset Password for cPanel accounts in Find box.
  4. On the next screen, you will see an option Reset Password for cPanel accounts. By default, it will be set to Off. Select On and Save the settings.

    Enable cPanel Password Reset

  5. Now browse the cPanel URL https://Server-IP-Address:2083, you will see Reset Password option appearing at bottom of the login box.

    Password Reset Option

To reset the cPanel password, you just have to specify the cPanel username and click on Reset Password button, and WHM will send the new password to contact email address of that cPanel account.

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