How to Move Accounts From One cPanel Server To Another cPanel server?

cPanel facilitates you with the built-in Transfer Tools, allowing you to migrate your existing cPanel accounts to another server. This tutorial explains you to move a single cPanel account using Copy an account from another server with an account password option and move multiple cPanel accounts using the Transfer tool option. cPanel to cPanel transfer is most useful when upgrading from shared cPanel hosting to VPS or transferring cPanel accounts between two servers.

Transfer a single cPanel account:

(copy an account from another server with an account password)

1. Log in to the WHM where you want to transfer your cPanel account. Under the Transfers section, click Copy an account from another server with an account password option.

Copy Account

2. Enter the following details in the Settings section.

  • Server to copy from (IP or FQDN) == IP address of your current host.
  • Username to copy == Existing cPanel username.
  • User's password == cPanel password.


3. If you want to assign a dedicated IP address to the new account, check the check box "Give new account an IP address", or else a new account will be created under the default IP address. Click on Copy an account

Transfer multiple cPanel accounts (Transfer tool)

1. Log in to the WHM where you want to transfer your cPanel accounts. Under the Transfers section, click on the Transfer tool option. If you choose the "Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server" option, it will also take you to the Transfer tool, as both options have been merged in the newer version of WHM.

Transfer Tool

2. In the first section, you will need to enter information about the server you are migrating from.

  • Remote Server Address == IP address of the server you are migrating from.
  • Remote SSH Port == Port number on which Remote Server SSH is listening.

Remote Server Information

3. In the next section, select the root user and enter the password for the root user.

4. In the next section, select the control panel cPanel/WHM and check the Compressed Transfers, Incremental Backups speed-up check boxes.

Advanced Settings

5. Once you enter the old server information, click on Fetch Account List. WHM will fetch all accounts from the old server and return a list of transferable domains. You'll need to select the cPanel accounts you wish to copy to the new server. Once you choose the cPanel accounts, click on Copy.

6. Depending on how much data needs to be transferred, account migration may finish within a few minutes or hours. If one of your accounts fails to transfer, you may skip it to proceed with the other accounts or abort the copy process. You will receive a browser notification when all available accounts are transferred. Click OK to continue.

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