How to Block Emails by Country or Domain in cPanel?

In the latest version of cPanel, they have added new features to block emails from any particular domain and country. In this article, we will discuss how to use these features.

Filter Incoming Emails by Country

Follow the below steps to filter the incoming emails from the country.

1. Log in to your WHM panel.

2. Inside the Email section, select the option Filter Incoming Emails by Country.

3. In this option, you will see the list of all the countries, and by default, emails from all countries are allowed. Disable the country from which you don't want to receive emails.

filter email

Filter Incoming Emails by Domain

Please refer to the below steps to filter incoming emails coming from specific domains.

1. Log in to your WHM panel.

2. Inside the Email section, select the option Filter Incoming Emails by Domain

3. In this interface, you just need to add the domains from which you don’t want to receive the emails. You can reject all subdomains of a given domain by prefixing the name with an asterisk (*). For example, “*” will cause this server to reject all messages sent from any subdomain of “”.

4. Click the Save button once you have added the domains to be blocked in the text bar to take this filter effect.

filter mail by domain

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