How to Set Up Private Nameservers in WHM/cPanel?

Private nameservers, also known as custom nameservers. It resolves the domain name into an IP address and directs the traffic to the appropriate server.

A private nameserver must be registered with the domain registrar and associated with the server's IP address before configuring it in the WHM panel.

For instance, if you're configuring and as your private nameservers, and let's say you purchased the domain from Accuwebhosting, you can easily register and set private name servers from your Accuwebhosting account client area.

You can obtain detailed instructions by contacting your domain registrar support team.

Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps to set up Private Nameservers in WHM/cPanel.

Step 1: Log in to your WHM/cPanel as the root user.

Step 2: Type Basic WebHost Manager in the search box and click on Basic WebHost Manager® Setup.

Step 3: Scroll down the Basic WebHost Manager® Setup page and go to the Nameservers section.

In this article, we are configuring the following nameservers. 23.XXX.XXX.XXX 23.XXX.XXX.XXX

Step 4: In this section, you'll find fields to enter your nameserver information.

Next to the Nameserver1 field, enter the first nameserver's records and click on Configure Address Records.

Enter the IPv4 address of your server for the first Nameserver record in the Configure Address Records box and click the Configure Address Records button.

Step 5: Perform the same steps to set up a second nameserver. If your server has multiple IP addresses, you can use a different IP address for

Once both nameservers have been configured, click the Save Changes button.

That's all. You can follow this article to Set Up Private Nameservers in WHM/cPanel.

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