How to Install SSL Certificate on WHM/cPanel Services?

By default, all WHM/cPanel services use self signed certificate and you get warning while using any secured services like cPanel and webmail access etc. To vanish the self-signed SSL certificate error, you will have to install a trusted SSL certificate in the WHM/cPanel server. Following are the steps to do it.

Step 1: Determine System Hostname

First, we will determine the current system hostname upon which we can generate the CSR key. After logging into WHM, navigate to Networking setup >> Change Hostname.

Check Hostname


Step 2: Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

To create a CSR key on hostname of server, refer to our article here. While you follow steps to create a CSR key, make sure you use server’s hostname obtained in previous step instead of the domain name.

Step 3: Obtain the SSL Certificate

Once you generate the CSR key on the hostname of the server, purchase a trusted certificate from any certificate authority. If you wish, you can also purchase the SSL certificate from AccuWebHosting.

Step 4: Install Certificate in WHM

After receiving valid certificate, login to WHM. Navigate to Service Manager >> Manage Service SSL Certificates. At this page, you would see a list of cPanel services , upon which you can install SSL certificates.

Manage SSL Certificate

Under Install new Certificate, select all services to whom you need to install certificate, and paste the certificate in Certificate section. Click on Autofill by Certificate and WHM will automatically fill up private key and Certificate Authority Bundle in corresponding boxes. Cick on Install button.

Install Certificate

Once you finish the installation cPanel will prompt for restart cPanel service. Just click on the 
Proceed button. You can follow above instructions for any service listed on Manage Service SSL Certificates page.

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