How to set a secure seal for my website?

Note: Logo will work for the comodo SSL, and your website must have the comodo SSL Certificate installed. 

You can set a secure seal for your website if you have purchased an SSL Certificate from us or directly from comodo. Click on Comodo > Secure seal to get the instruction to insert a secure seal for your website. 

1. Select your Certificate Type and download the secure seal logo for your website. Then, click on the continue button.


2. Upload the logo on your website.

3. Enter your website name and click on the verify button.


4. It will say that your image should appear to the left and click on the continue button. 

5. In the following steps, the website will provide the code snippets for the head and body tags to add to your website. Next, you need to insert this code on your website’s each pages where you need to display the security seal.

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