Can I secure multiple subdomains with one SSL certificate? Yes, in our Wildcard SSL certificate, all Subdomains are successfully secured along with the main... Comparison Between AccuWebHosting Paid SSL and Free CloudFlare SSL The SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key, so the data... Comparison Between Paid SSL by AccuWeb Hosting and Let's Encrypt Free SSL? The SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key, so the data... Comparison of Rapid SSL Certificate V/s. WildCard SSL Certificate V/s. Multi Domain SSL Certificate   Rapid SSL Certificate Wild Card SSL Certificate Multi Domain SSL Certificate... Difference between AutoSSL vs Paid SSL certificates. Looking for Paid SSL Certificate from Accuwebhosting? Get > SSL Certificate Pricing details.... DigiCert Completes Acquisition of Symantec’s Security Business Browser developers including Google had raised questions about the way Symantec issued SSL... Do I need technical expertise to set up an SSL Certificate on my website? No, you don’t require any technical expertise to set up your SSL certificate. That is why we are... Do you offer free SSL Certificate? We offer a free SSL Certificate with Plesk and cPanel hosting. In Plesk, we provide a free Let's... Do you provide Extended Validation Certificate? No, we do not provide Extended Validation Certificate. However, we do provide the following SSL... Does Free SSL renews automatically? Yes, the free SSL certificate will automatically be renewed by the system for almost all websites... Does Rapid SSL certificate provide 128 bit encryption OR 256 bit encryption? The actual encryption strength on a secure website connection enabled by a digital SSL... Does an SSL certificate protect my website? You need to look at the browser bar before the domain name, where you will find either a Padlock... FAQs On SSL Certificates WHERE DO I PLACE AN ORDER FOR SSL CERTIFICATE? You can place an order for SSL certificate from... Get to know about SSL This article will provide you the brief idea of SSL. Starting with what is SSL...   The Secure... How Can I Get My Website With HTTPS? In order to have your website with HTTPS, you will need to install an SSL Certificate on your... How Do I Determine If I have Activated The SSL Certificate? You can verify your SSL Certificate via online SSL Certificate Checkers. The SSL Certificate... How To Convert a PEM File to PFX? Convert PEM to PFX Install the latest Open SSL. Copy the PEM file to the OpenSSL binary folder,... How To Determine When an SSL is Expiring? Are you responsible for maintaining your website's SSL certificate? If so, it's essential to know... How To Enable Free SSL Such As Let's Encrypts In Windows Server? This article mentioned the steps to install Let's Encrypt SSL on the domain without a control... How do you enable TLS 1.2 on Windows 7? This article will guide you to enable TLS 1.2 on Windows 7. TLS is a replacement of the Secure... How to Import SSL Certificate in Apache Server? This article will assist you to import SSL Certificate in Apache Server. We believe that you have... How to Set IP Address Restriction to Access WordPress Dashboard? WordPress is one of the most used CMS’ in the world. Recent stats indicate that nearly 90 percent... How to add website and enable free SSL Certificate from Cloudflare panel? This article will guide you how to add website and enable Free SSL Certificate from the... How to add, remove and bypass common DNS records in CloudFlare? This article will guide you how to add, remove and bypass common DNS records in... How to cancel SSL Service? In order to cancel your SSL Service, you can initiate a service cancellation request from your... How to enable TLS 1.2 on Windows 2012 Server? Please refer to the following steps to enable TLS 1.2 on Windows Server 2012. At first, go... How to export an SSL certificate from Apache server? When you want to move an SSL certificate from one server to another server, you need to perform... How to export/import SSL certificate? When you have more than one servers and you want to use the same SSL certificate in each of those... How to fix error : SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN One of our users was trying to access his website with SSL encryption using HTTPS but received... How to fix if you get an SSL warning in browser like "weak encryption TLS"? If your site is using OLD TLS/SSL protocols such as 1.0, SSL 2.0, etc., which is pretty much... How to generate CSR key in IIS 7? Windows VPS clients can generate the CSR key from IIS 7 at their end. This article will give you... How to set a secure seal for my website? Note : Logo will work for the comodo SSL and your website must have the comodo SSL Certificate... How will you add the Root CA certificate in windows? You can add Root CA Certificate in Windows through Microsoft Management Console. Kindly follow... How will you determine if the certificate chain is complete or not? You can determine it from the online SSL Certificate checker site. For example, I want to secure one domain, And I want to buy an SSL certificate, So among these which one should I buy? If you want to secure one domain then a Rapid SSL certificate would be suitable for you. While... I wants to issue SSL on a subdomain, is it possible? Yes, You can secure the subdomain using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). As you need to... If a client's domain points to other hosting provider. He is using mail service of AccuWeb. He wants an SSL on the main domain in shared hosting, what will you do? Yes, It is possible to enable SSL Certificate on the main domain in Shared hosting. Here, we can... SSL Certificate Price We provide 3 types of SSL Certificates: SSL Type /Features Rapid SSLCertificate Multi... What Is The RSA Key? How Does Its Size Affect SSL? RSA key is a private key based on the RSA algorithm. The private key is used for authentication... What are Class 3 SSL, Class 2 SSL, and Class 1 SSL? SSL/TLS certificates prove a website's identity and provide a secure connection between browsers... What does gray padlock with orange sign means in browser URL bar? The Gray padlock with the Orange sign means the website is partially encrypted with HTTPS. The... What encryption technology is used to generate the SSL certificate I have purchased? We are providing Rapid SSL certificates with strong 256-bit encryption based on SHA256 hash... What is Server Name Indication (SNI)? SNI (Server Name Indication) was originally not part of the SSL protocol. However, in 2003 it was... What is the 2 digit SSL Country Code? You need to enter 2 digit country code while you generate the CSR from IIS, cPanel, or Open SSL.... What is the charge for SSL certificate purchase and installation? We are offering different types of SSL certificates. Please refer following URL for available SSL... What is the difference between SSL and TLS? TLS and SSL both are cryptographic protocols to secure sensitive information transmitted... What should I choose at the time of purchase of SSL? WWW or without WWW? In this case, you can consider the fact "How you have configured your website". To determine... When a new SSL certificate is issued, how long does it take to become active? Irrespective of the type of certificate, it gets activated in a few minutes, no matter which... Where does the SSL certificate is stored in a Windows server? All SSL installed on the windows server is located under the below path. Path:... Which SSL validation method is used for renewal of a free SSL certificate? In Windows shared hosting, the text record method is used to renew a free SSL certificate. In... Who uses an SSL certificate? An SSL certificate is responsible for making your website secure and safe. So, SSL must be the... Why do you need an SSL certificate? As the name suggests, Secure Sockets Layer is a security layer that is the most important factor...
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