How To Determine When an SSL is Expiring?

Are you responsible for maintaining your website's SSL certificate? If so, it's essential to know when the certificate is set to expire. An expired SSL certificate can leave your site vulnerable to attack and cause visitors to see warnings when they try to access it.

First, let's look at SSL. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that provides security for online data transactions over networks. SSL is a standard that encrypts data between two entities, such as web browsers and servers. When using SSL, a secure connection is established between the browser and server. If the connection isn't encrypted, the information sent back and forth could be intercepted.

There are several ways to determine when an SSL certificate is expired. One way is to check the certificate itself. You can use the certificate authority's website to check the expiration date for certificates issued by a certificate authority.

Another way to check the expiration date of an SSL certificate is to use a tool like SSL Checker. This tool will scan your website and report back on the website of your SSL certificate.

Steps to determine SSL certificate expiration date from the SSL checker.

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Enter the domain name in the Server Hostname text box.

Step 3. Click on the "Check SSL" button. SSL checker scans your website and shows the report with the expiration date. 

If you have Plesk or WHM/cPanel control panel, you can enable SSL expiration notification from the panel.

Don't worry about the SSL certificate if you have our premium SSL. We will let you know before 15 days of the SSL expiration date.

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Once you know when your SSL certificate is set to expire, you can take steps to renew it.

That's it.

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