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Windows VPS clients can generate the CSR key from IIS 7 at their end. This article will give you step by step instructions on how to generate CSR key. For that, kindly follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Log in to your VPS via RDP [Remote Desktop Protocol]
2. Go to Start -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
3. Click on your computer name and select "Server Certificates" option.

Select Server Certificates Option

4. Now, from the right pane click on "Create Certificate Request" option.

Create Certificate Request

5. You will receive a Request Certificate wizard in which you will need to fill the below mentioned details:

  • Common Name: Your domain name, (e.g.,
  • Organization: Name of your company
  • Organizational unit: Name of your department
  • City/locality: The city in which your organization is located
  • State/province: The state in which your organization is located
  • Country/region: Two-digit country code (i.e. US for the United States) -- Looking for your country 2 digit code? Get 2digit > country code for more details. 

Specify Details to Generate CSR Key

6. After filling all the required details, click on Next button

7. Now, you will receive a "Cryptographic Service Provider Properties" wizard, click on Next without changing both of the settings (Cryptographic service provider as Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider and Bit length as 2048).

Select Cryptographic Service Provider for SSL Certificate

8. In the final step, browse your desired location and enter a file name for your CSR key.

Specify File Name for the Certificate Request

You are done with the CSR generation. Now, you will need to open this file as a text file and copy the entire body of your CSR key into the online order process. Make sure that there is no white space at the begging and end of the key.

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