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Following article will assist you to upgrade PHP version in cPanel/WHM server. This article is only applicable to Linux server with cPanel/WHM. Before you upgrade PHP version, make sure that all your websites/web applications are compatible with new version of PHP.


  1. Log into WHM via root user.

  2. Search the EasyApache from the top left search bar. You will see EasyApache (Apache Update) option under Software section.


  3. Click on EasyApache (Apache Update). This will open new window as following. >
  4. At next screen, you would see the current Apache configuration (current profile) under Previously Saved Config, hover the mouse over gear icon Customize Profile located under Action column.


  5. You will see Apache version screen as shown below. Select the Apache version which you would like to build and click on Next Step. If you just want to upgrade the PHP version keep Apache radio button as is.


  6. At next stage, you will see screen to select the PHP Version

  7. Select the PHP version you would like to upgrade and click on Next Step.


  8. Since we are just upgrading PHP version, there is no need to make any changes at next 2 stages, Short Options List and Exhaustive Options List.

  9. Go to Next Step for Save and Build.

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