How to Check Your Website’s Error Log in cPanel?

In this article, we will show you how you can check your website’s error logs in cPanel. It is very useful while developing or testing the site. Also, users can check the error logs periodically to check the website's health. cPanel control panel provides a built-in functionality to check the error logs section.

Please refer to the below steps in order to check the error logs.

  1. Login to cPanel. Please refer to how to login to cPanel for more details.

  2. Navigate to the Metric section and click on the Errors option.

  3. By clicking on that, you will see the error box along with the error list. 

You may find the difficult to read error logs. Here is the explanation of how you can read the error logs. 

Date and Time logged  Type Visitor IP Address
Location of the Error
Domain Referrer
Fri Jan 17 21:07:47 2019 error client 192.***.***.*** File does not exist: /home/test/public_html/index.html,   referer:


There’s another way to check the error logs of your website which is from the file manager. Follow the below steps:

  1. Login to cPanel. Please refer to how to login to cPanel for more details.

  2. Go to File Manager which is under the File section.

  3. Go to public_html and go to error_log file.

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