How do I add (bind) additional IPs in WHM?

In Cpanel servers, you can add more than one IP address. Having extra IP addresses is handy for tasks like managing name servers, hosting websites on different IPs (some people prefer dedicated IPs for better SEO), and handling mail servers. But, before you can add these extra IP addresses to your server, you have to buy them from your server provider.

How do I add multiple IP addresses to my server using WHM?

Step 1. Log in to WHM on your server.

Step 2. Go to the "IP Functions" menu on the left and click on "Add a New IP Address."

Step 3. Enter the IP address in the "IP(s) to add" field. You can add more than one IP address at once.

For multiple IP addresses, use formats like Class C CIDR (e.g.,, IP/Netmask (e.g.,, or IP Address Range (e.g.,

Note: If you're in 1:1 NAT Mode, use the local IP address, not the public one. For Class C CIDR format, use a mask range between 24 through 30.

Step 4. If needed, change the subnet mask value to match your IP address in the "Subnet Mask" field. Your hosting provider will usually provide this value.

Note: Using the wrong subnet mask can cause network issues. If you're unsure, ask your hosting or networking provider.

Step 5. Click "Submit" to add the IP address(es).

When you add an IP address, the system tries to add an alias to the main network interface, rebuilding the IP address pool in the /etc/ipaddrpool file. The /etc/ips file stores these IP addresses, and the ipaliases service activates them on server startup. Incorrect subnet masks may cause networking issues, so make sure to ask your hosting provider if you're unsure.

How to check the added IP address in the WHM Panel?

Step 1: Log into WHM as the root user.

Step 2: Use the search bar in the top left corner and type "Show IP Address Usage." Click on the result to access the function.

Step 3: A table summarizing websites, FTP domains, and email servers using any IP address connected to your cPanel server will appear. If the added IP address is listed in the Show IP Address Usage table, it means it was successfully added.


In conclusion, the process of adding extra IP addresses in WHM is crucial for expanding server capabilities and enhancing web hosting functionality. By following these simple steps, server administrators can effortlessly allocate additional IP addresses to accommodate multiple websites or implement specific security measures.

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