How to install Moodle using Softaculous in cPanel?

You need to have PHP extension fileinfo enabled for your domain and PHP version equal to or greater than 7.2 in cPanel to install moodle.

Please refer to the following steps to install moodle using Softaculous in cPanel. 

  1. Login to your cPanel.

  2. Click on the Softaculous Apps Installer.

  3. At the Softaculous installation page, type Moodle in the search bar and click on the Moodle.

  4. Click on the Install Now button at the next step.

  5. Add the required details on the below page and click on the Install button.

  6. After clicking on the install button, it will start the installation process.

  7. You will see the below screen once it is installed.

  8. Following is the image of the Moodle admin page.

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