What Is WordPress Toolkit In cPanel And What Is The Usage Of It?

WordPress Toolkit is a WordPress management solution with a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface that allows you to install, configure, secure and manage all your WordPress sites.

If you have a WHM version older than 94, you need to upgrade it to 94 or above to access the WordPress Toolkit Lite. If you have an older WordPress Manager installation, the upgrade process will automatically install WordPress Toolkit. If you have server access (root access), you can install WordPress Toolkit from WHM's Feature Showcase or WHM Marketplace.

Uses of the WordPress Toolkit

-> You can install, update, activate, and remove plugins and themes from one place.
-> You can secure the backup automatically and update multiple WordPress sites simultaneously.
-> With WordPress Toolkit, you can improve your productivity.
-> You can easily and quickly clone WordPress sites to save development and maintenance time. In addition, you can manage all WordPress sites on your server to simplify server administration tasks.
-> You can individually protect your WordPress website to use the highest level of security.
-> You can increase efficiency by synchronizing changes between databases and files on different WordPress sites.

WordPress Toolkit version

WordPress Toolkit has two versions. WordPress Toolkit Lite (Free) and WordPress Toolkit Deluxe (paid).

However, Accuwebhosting offers WordPress Toolkit Deluxe for all WordPress/Shared Hosting users as a free. Below are the differences between these versions.

Customizable Installation WordPress Toolkit Lite WordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Manage Existing Installations Yes Yes
Website Dashboard Yes Yes
1-Click Login Yes Yes
Change Admin Password Yes Yes
Open DB in phpMyAdmin Yes Yes
Restore Backup Yes Yes
Manual Updates Yes Yes
Single Site Auto Updates Yes Yes
Search Engine Indexing Management Yes Yes
Automatic Hardening Yes Yes
Password Protection Yes Yes
Plugin & Theme Sets Management No Yes
Cloning No Yes
Staging No Yes
1-Click Hardening No Yes
Mass Hardening No Yes
Multisite Auto Updates No Yes
Security Rollback No Yes
Smart Updates No Yes
Restore Backup No Yes


WordPress Toolkit Lite

As you know, WPT Lite is free and includes more features than the outdated WordPress Manager.

We will only cover some of the features of WPT Lite.

All your WordPress sites are displayed in one dashboard - You can view the update and security status of all your sites along with easily accessible site management tools. In addition, you can search and filter your dashboard to see only the websites that interest you.

Customizable Installation – You can install new WordPress sites in seconds and customize each site before installation. The customization options will include website title, administrator details, database name and password, installation path and automatic update settings.

One-Click Login – With one click, you will be logged into the admin dashboard of your WordPress site managed by WordPress Toolkit.

Automatic Security Hardening – During installation, WordPress Toolkit automatically applies various security hardenings, such as restricting access to sensitive files, disabling pingbacks, and configuring security keys.

Debug Management – Quickly enable WordPress debug mode from your site dashboard. You can also enable extended maintenance mode, disable search engine crawling, and enable password protection in the same interface.

Install plugins and theme sets - Automatically install predefined plugins and theme sets when you install your site. This feature makes it easy to set up blogs, WooCommerce stores, and more.

Single Site Auto Update – Change auto update settings for your WordPress site and its themes and plugins in cPanel.

As you can see, the WordPress Toolkit Lite offers a great collection of tools that make life easier for website owners and resellers who manage many WordPress websites.

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

The future of WordPress administration - WP Toolkit Deluxe includes all the features of the free version and adds sophisticated bulk management and site duplication tools to make managing large numbers of WordPress sites faster and more convenient.

Cloning and Staging WordPress Sites - In WP Toolkit Deluxe, you can clone any WordPress site you manage. It's a one-click easy process. Select a site, tell WordPress Toolkit which domain to use, and it copies files and databases, updates configuration files, and creates subdomains so you can access your cloned site instantly.

Cloning is excellent for creating staging sites for testing changes and new features, but toolkits go further. You can also selectively copy files and database tables back to their original locations, allowing you to commit changes to production quickly.

WPT's replication, staging, and site copy tools are very powerful. We took a closer look at them in How to Deploy a WordPress Staging Site Using cPanel.

Smart Updates - WordPress Toolkit Deluxe allows you to create a staging site to test your updates. When you trigger Smart Update, WordPress Toolkit creates a clone, runs a set of tests, updates the clone, runs the tests again, and generates a report in an interface that allows you to visually compare your site before and after the update. If all is well, the user confirms, and the WordPress toolkit updates the main page to clean up the clone.

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