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WordPress Toolkit is a tool to install, configure and manage WordPress configuration for your website, just like the WordPress Manager. 

WordPress Toolkit is an enhanced and most feature-loaded tool of WordPress Manager. 

With WordPress Toolkit, you can install unlimited WordPress websites. 

WordPress Toolkit tool is available under the Domains section in the cPanel.

WordPress Toolkit has paid plan called 'Deluxe'. WordPress Toolkit is also included in the cPanel license.

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe, with tools like smart copying and updating, is now included in cPanel. WordPress Toolkit is available in both Lite and Deluxe versions.

It is one package to manage WordPress websites.

What is its usage of it?

The availability of this tool may need to be enabled by your hosting provider. 

WordPress Toolkit is suitable for users who have/maintain multiple WordPress websitesneed customized settings, are concerned about WordPress backups, etc.

You can manage all the users' passwords and databases password from the WordPress Toolkit.

You will be engaged or manage the SEO index from the panel.

In WordPress Toolkit, you will get automatic and additional security functions.

The updates of your WordPress, Themes, Plugins, Languages, etc, will be done automatically by WordPress Toolkit.

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