Shell script to change multiple cPanel account password.

You may need to change the password of all your cPanel account in case of a potential security threat. But doing it manually will take a lot of time especially if you have hundreds of cPanel accounts.You can automate this process by simple shell scripts.

  1. SSH to your VPS with root user.

  2. Create a new file using your favorite editor. In our case, we have created file and add the below script on it.

    #! /bin/bash
    ls -1 /var/cpanel/users | while read user; do
    pass=`</dev/urandom tr -dc “A-Za-z0-9*-/+.*=_\|\\#” | head -c16
    echo “$user $pass” >> new-passwords.txt
    /scripts/realchpass $user $pass
  3. Save the file and give it provide executable permission to the script.

    chmod +x
  4. Execute the script using command sh

This script will change passwords of all the cPanel account and create a file named new-passwords.txt which contains all the passwords.

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