How to Install and Configure PostgreSQL in WHM?

Open-source PostgreSQL is a relational database management system renowned for its resilience and versatility. It is frequently employed to manage and store data for several websites and apps.

In order to install PostgreSQL in WHM, simply adhere to the following steps outlined below. This guide will walk you through the seamless installation process, ensuring a smooth setup of the PostgreSQL database management system on your WHM server.

Step 1: Login to your WHM panel using the root user.

Step 2: Open Terminal to install PostgreSQL

Type Terminal in the search box and click on Terminal.

Step 3: Execute the below command to install PostgreSQL.


Step 4: Type Configure PostgreSQL in the search box and click on Configure PostgreSQL.

Step 5: Click on the Install Config button to install PostgreSQL.

Create Postgres Users:

Click on Create Users button. It will add all previously created cPanel users to Postgres If Postgres has been installed after cPanel users have been created.

You will see a message "PostgreSQL users created"

Set Postgres Password:

Enter a new password for the Postgres user and confirm the password.

After, click on the Change Password button.

You will see the message "Password successfully changed".

That's all. You can follow the above-mentioned steps to install and configure PostgreSQL in WHM/cPanel.

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