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Ownership of the cpanel account is controlled by the WHM, which only takes a few clicks. Below are the steps for the same.

1) log in to the WHM (Web Host Manager) panel.

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2) Go to the Resellers section by searching on the left search box. Then, expand the Resellers section and click on "Change Ownership of an Account."

Note: Change Ownership of an Account feature has been moved to another option of WHM, called 'Modify an Account. Once you click on the Change Ownership of an Account feature, it will automatically redirect you within a few seconds.

3) In the Modify an Account option, search/select the user name of your cPanel account. Click on Modify button at the bottom.

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5) In the Modify Account section, you will see the Account Owner option and selected owner with a drop-down. 

-> Select/Change the required owner from the drop-down.

-> Click on the "Save" button to save the required changes. 

How to change cPanel Reseller/Owner for multiple accounts from WHM:

1) Follow the first two stops as mentioned above and click on "Change Ownership of Multiple Accounts."

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2) In the Change Ownership of Multiple Accounts, Select the resellers you need to change for cPanel accounts, and click on Submit button.

-> Select the accounts for which you want to change Ownership.

-> Click on Change Owner of Selected Accounts.

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