How to install Oscommerce manually in cPanel ?

Oscommerce is an open-source script. You can host the OsCommerce on cPanel or another hosting platform to launch your eCommerce website. It runs on PHP and MySQL.

  1. Download the Oscommerce from this link

  2. Login to your cPanel.

  3. Upload the Oscommerce zip file at public_html cPanel of public_html.

  4. Extract the zip and move the files/folders of the catalog to public_html. Your public_html should have the files/folders as per the below image.

  5. Create MySQL Database and provide full permission to Database User. You can click on this link to create MySQL Database in cPanel.

  6. Now, access the website and start a new installation and click on Start.

  7. On Next steps, add the Database server details which you have created in step (4). Click on Continue Button.

  8. Fill the Details at Online Store Settings and Click on Continue Button.

  • Store Name

  • Store Owner Name Store Owner E-Mail Address

  • Administrator Username

  • Administrator Password

  • Administration Directory Name

  • TimeZone

  1. Installation finish will give the below screen.

  2. You have successfully installed Oscommerce on your website.

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