How to install DokuWiki using Softaculous on cPanel?

DokuWiki is a software package that allows you to create an online wiki. It is an open-source software package written in PHP and to be used as a wiki. You can download it for free and install it on your server to create any websites. 


Please refer to the following steps to install DokuWiki using softaculous on cPanel.


  1. Login to your cPanel.

  2. Go to the SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER section.

  3. Search DokuWiki in the search box and click on it. 

  4. At the installation page, select the required setting like username, password, email account etc. You will need to specify the file manager location where you want to install the setup. 

    At the ACL Policy list box, select an access control list policy for the wiki:

  • In Open Wiki option, anyone is allowed to view and modify the wiki.

  • In Public Wiki option, anyone is allowed to view the wiki, but only registered users can modify it.

  • In Closed Wiki option, only registered users are allowed to view and modify the wiki.


  1. Once the installation is finished, it will give you the admin and front end URL.

  2. You will see the below screen with the front-end part of your DokuWiki.

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