How to restore MySQL Database backup using Backup Wizard in cPanel?

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the entire process of creating and restoring a MySQL backup using the Backup Wizard in cPanel. If you need a more detailed explanation on how to backup and restore websites, check out our video tutorial

Backup MySQL Database Using Backup Wizard in cPanel

To simply backup your MySQL database from cPanel, follow the steps below:

1. First of all, log into your cPanel account. You can login cPanel from client area

2. Navigate to the FILES tab and click on Backup Wizard.

3. Select the Back Up option as you want to create a backup.

4. In the second step, it’ll ask you to select the backup type. Click over the MySQL Databases option as you want to create a separate backup for your MySQL files.

5. At the final step, you’ll see a list of MySQL Databases present inside your cPanel. Simply click over the database you want to download and it’ll start downloading automatically.

6. It’ll take some time to download the database

You have successfully downloaded a partial backup of your specified MySQL database. Now, let us proceed to the repair process.

Restore MySQL Databases using Backup Wizard in cPanel

If you’ve created the backup from backup wizard, you can restore the MySQL backup using the Backup Wizard in cPanel. Follow the below steps to do so:

1. First of all, log into your cPanel account.

2. Navigate to the Backup Wizard section

3. This time, click over the Restore option instead of Back Up as you want to restore the MySQL backup.

4. It’ll ask you to select the Restore type. There are three options that are Home Directory, MySQL Databases, Emails & Filters. You can choose the option according to your restoration type. For example, in this case hit the MySQL Databases button to restore the databases. Likewise, if you want to restore the backup of your home directory, you can select Home Directory option.

5. In the final step, browse the MySQL database using Choose File button and hit the Upload button to restore it.

6. Once the database is selected, hit the Upload button.

7. Once you hit the Upload button, you’ll see the below message.

Restoring database

8. That’s It. You’ve successfully restored the MySQL database.


In this article, we have successfully created backup from backup wizard in cPanel and also tried to restore the back with the restore option in backup wizard. However, other than this, you’ll have to Add User to Database and assign the privileges. Otherwise, your website will through a MySQL error.

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