How to create a website using RVsitebuilder 7 in cPanel?

Please refer to the following steps to create a website using RVsitebuilder 7. 

  1. Login to your cPanel.

  2. Click on RVsitebuilder 7 inside the software. 

  3. Select your domain name for which you want to create your website and click on the create new site button. 

  4. Tick the confirmation that the installer will overwrite the files at the document root folder. Make sure you haven't added any content there. If you have the content there, you should take a backup of it. Also, tick on EULA. Finally, click on the create site button.

  5. RVsitebuilder then starts the process as per the below screen capture. You can hide this process.

  6. Once the process is done, it will ask you to select a template. Click on the OK button and select a template.

  7. Click on the save button to publish your website.

  8. Check the website using the domain name or cPanel temporary URL.

       This is it. You are done with the website creation.

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