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Apache is a freely available Web server that is distributed under an "open source" license. Version 2.0 runs on most UNIX-based operating systems. cPanel & WHM manages the Apache web server and its components with EasyApache. When you install cPanel & WHM version 11.52 or later, the default (fast) installation method uses a precompiled default EasyApache configuration, which includes the basic requirements for a functional web server. cPanel & WHM versions 11.50 and earlier compile EasyApache during the installation process.

Apache web server is probably too restrictive when not optimized. You can follow below steps to tweak the Apache directives for maximum performance.

  1. Login to WHM as root user.
  2. Once you are loged in, search for Service Configuration and click on it..

    Service Configuration

  3. In the new menu, click on Apache Configuration.

    Apache Configuration

  4. In Apache Configuration, select Global Configuration.

    Global Configuration

  5. In Global Configuration menu, we will need to make changes in different fields as below and click on save.

    StartServers = 5
    MinSpareServers = 5
    MaxSpareServers = 10
    ServerLimit = 500
    MaxRequestWorkers = 500
    MaxRequestsPerChild = 4000
    Timeout = 20
    Configuration Menu

    Save Configuration Menu

That's it ! enjoy the optimized Apache configuration to load your website faster without impecting your server resources like CPU/RAM.

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