How to Publish Your Website from RapidWeaver?

RapidWeaver is a web-designing application for Mac OS. You can easily publish your website using RapidWeaver to your cPanel. Please refer to the following steps to publish your website using RapidWeaver.

  1. Log in to your Mac OS and open RapidWeaver.

  2. Once you logged in, open your created project.

  3. Select File and click on the publishing Settings.

  4. Enter the below details in settings:

    • Publishing Method: FTPS

    • Server:  IP Address of your cPanel server.

    • Username: (cPanel username)

    • Password:  (cPanel password)

    • Path: public_html/   -- (Change with your domain name)

    • Website Address: -- (Change with your website name)

    • Mode: Extended Passive (Keep it as Default)

    • Use SSL:  All Communication

  5. We will click on the test button to check if there is an error message. 

If there is no error, you can click on the publish button located at the toolbar. It will publish your website to your given path at cPanel.

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