How to delete Domains/subdomain in the cPanel? Print

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You can delete the add-on domains and sub-domains from the cPanel. Please refer to the below steps for the same. 

How to remove Addon Domain in cPanel?

  1. Login to the cPanel account.

  2. Go to the Addon Domains.

  3. Under the Modify Add-on Domains, You can remove the Domain. Click on Remove Button.

  4. You will be asked for confirmation to remove the Add-on domains. Click on Remove.

How to remove SubDomain in cPanel?

In a similar way, you can remove the sub-domain as well.

  1. Go to the subdomains from the Domains Section.

  2. Click the Remove Button for the Sub-domain which you want to remove.

  3. It will ask you to delete it permanently. Click On Delete Sub-Domain.


  • You can not delete the Main Domain from your cPanel account. If you want to change the Main Domain, please contact our Support Team.

  • Deleting the domain will remove the domains/subdomains only. The web files/data will not be removed by the system. You can remove the data from the File Manager.

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