How to Start/Stop/Restart MySQL service in WHM?

Database administration is prevalent across small, medium, and large organizations. It facilitates a more comprehensive and direct oversight of data recording and the structuring required for it.

While numerous choices exist at the database level, MySQL is one of the most popular and extensively employed options among administrators. This platform offers a SQL database server (Structured Query Language) replete with remarkable functionalities. These include robust security measures, swift access speeds, scalability, multi-user support, and concurrent execution of diverse processes.

Over time and as you continue to add tables and databases, it's common for MySQL to encounter errors. These errors could arise during database loading, query access, or execution. If you face such situations, here is a helpful suggestion to share. By stopping or restarting the MySQL services, you can effectively refresh MySQL, enabling you to work seamlessly and comprehensively with your created databases.

How to Start/Stop MySQL Service via WHM

Step 1: Sign in to WHM (https://your-IP-address:2087).

Step 2: In the Service Configuration section, choose the Service Manager.

Step 3: Scroll down, uncheck the checkboxes next to MySQL, and click the Save button.

This action will stop the MySQL service.

Step 4: To start the MySQL service, mark the checkboxes next to MySQL and click the Save button.

This action will start the MsSQL service.

You can start/stop the MySQL service using WHM by following the abovementioned steps.

How to Restart MySQL Service via WHM

Before you proceed, we strongly recommend that you possess reliable backups of your databases to ensure their quick restoration if necessary.

Step 1: If you haven't already logged into WHM, please sign in at (https://your-IP-address:2087).

Step 2: Enter "MySQL" into the search bar under the Restart Services section, then select "SQL Server (MySQL)."

Step 3: Select the "Yes" option to initiate a service restart.

Step 4: The MySQL service has been successfully restarted.

Note: The service restart might require a short duration to finalize. During this time, certain site functions might experience temporary interruptions.

You can start/stop or restart the MySQL service on Windows and Linux VPS by referring to this article.

In summary, having the ability to initiate, terminate, and restart the MySQL service within WHM provides you with essential control over your database operations. Adhering to these steps, you can effectively manage the service and provide seamless functionality to your server and applications.

That's all.

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