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There are two methods to change the WHM cPanel root user password: via the command line or from WHMcPanel itself. 

Also, the WHMcPanel root user and the SSH root user are the same. So if you change the password of WHM Panel’s root user from WHM, the SSH password will also be changed.

This article will assist you in changing the root password from WHM cPanel.  

First, log in to the WHM dashboard to change the root password. Then, in the WHM search box, type in “root pass” and select Change Root Password under Server Configuration.

1: Click on change root password under server configuration.


2) Enter the new Password or Click on "Generate Password" to generate the strong Password. Next, Add the same password in Confirm Password Field. Can click on the "Change Password" button to change the password.

* Note: Always choose a strong password by specifying a combination of special characters, upper case, lower care, and numbers. 

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