How to Increase Mailbox Quota in cPanel?

With Windows Hosting plans, you can use up to 2 GB of email disk space. With our Web Hosting plans, you can set mailbox quota according to free disk space.
While you create email accounts in cPanel and WebsitePanel, you are asked to set the mailbox quota for each email account. Sometimes, you may want to increase the mailbox quota to accommodate more emails or decrease it if the specific mailbox receives little or no emails. The following steps will assist you in setting the mailbox quota in cPanel.
1. Log in to your cPanel account.

2. Under the Mail section, click on the Email Accounts link. This will open the Email Accounts page.

Email Accounts

3. Locate an email account for which you wish to change the mailbox quota.

4. Click on the Change Quota option; it will enlarge the display; enter the new Mailbox Quota size and Change Quota link.

Change Quota

5. Enter the new mailbox quota size and click on the Change Quota link. By default value of 250 would be entered. You can check the checkbox to set an infinite quota for the mailbox.

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