How to check the Version of your cPanel?

cPanel is a popular tool for handling web hosting. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes managing websites and servers simple. Knowing your cPanel version is important for users because it affects what functions and features are available.

Making sure your cPanel/WHM software is up to date is really important to keep your server safe and working well. In this article, we'll guide you on checking your cPanel version using various methods so you can stay informed about your hosting setup.

Method 1: Checking cPanel Version Through WHM Dashboard

Step 1: Log in to your WHM Panel.

Step 2: Go to the upper right corner; you will find the WHM version displayed.

Method 2: Checking cPanel Version Through WHM Command Line

Step 1: Log in to your WHM (Web Host Manager) account with root-level privileges. This ensures you have the necessary administrative rights to run commands and get system information.

Step 2: Go to the "Server Configuration" option in the WHM menu once logged in.

Step 3: Within the "Server Configuration" menu, find and click on the "Terminal" option. The terminal gives you a command-line interface, allowing you to execute commands directly on the server.

Step 4: After accessing the terminal, type or copy the following command:

# /usr/local/cpanel/cpanel -V

This command is meant to retrieve and display information about the cPanel version installed on your server.

Step 5: Once the command is entered, press the "Enter" key to execute it. The system will then process the command and promptly show the cPanel version information in the terminal window.

The output will usually include the cPanel version number installed on your server. This information is useful for ensuring your cPanel software is up to date and for troubleshooting purposes. By following these steps, you can efficiently check the cPanel version through the WHM command line.

Method 3: Checking cPanel Version Through the WHM Version File

Step 1: Log in to the WHM panel. Make sure you have root access when logging in to your WHM account, giving you the necessary permissions to run commands and access system files.

Step 2: Similar to Method 1, go to the Server Configuration option in the WHM navigation menu to access server-related settings.

Step 3: Click on the "Terminal" option within the "Server Configuration" menu to open the command-line interface.

Step 4: Type or copy and paste the following command into the terminal:

# cat /usr/local/cpanel/version

This command reads the version file and reveals the cPanel version currently installed on your server. Execute the command by pressing the "Enter" key. The system will process the command, and you'll see the cPanel version information displayed in the terminal.

Method 4: Checking cPanel Version from cPanel Dashboard

Step 1: Begin by logging into your cPanel control panel. Use your login details to access the dashboard, ensuring you have the necessary permissions to view server information.

Step 2: Once logged in, focus on the right side of the cPanel dashboard. Look for the option labeled "Server Information" and click on it. This option is usually located in a menu or sidebar, depending on your cPanel theme.

Step 3: Clicking on "Server Information" will take you to a dedicated page providing detailed information about your server. This page is a valuable resource for understanding various aspects of your hosting environment.

Step 4: On the Server Information page, you will find details about the cPanel version.

By following these simple steps within the cPanel dashboard, you can quickly and easily determine the version of cPanel in use.

Method 5: Checking cPanel Version Through SSH

Follow these steps to find out your cPanel version using the whmapi1 command through the command line:

Step 1: Log in to your server through SSH using a terminal or an SSH client.

ssh root@server-ip-address

Step 2: Once you're inside the server, type the following command to check the cPanel version:

# whmapi1 version

Step 3: The command will show details about the cPanel and WHM versions on your server. Look for the "version" field in the output, as it tells you the cPanel version.

These steps help you quickly check the cPanel version using the whmapi1 version command. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to run this command on your server.


By following these simple steps, you can quickly check the version of your cPanel/WHM software. Regularly checking and updating your cPanel/WHM installation ensures that you benefit from the latest features, improvements, and security patches. Keep your server running smoothly by staying informed about your cPanel/WHM version.

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