How to migrate the cPanel account to the DirectAdmin Panel?

As we know cPanel increased their pricing and now they are charging based on each cPanel account. Due to this price hike, people are now looking for an alternative control panel. DirectAdmin is one of the finest controlpanel we have. 

Here, are the steps to migrate your cPanel account to the DirectAdmin. 

  1. Generate a full backup of your cPanel account.  Please refer to the cPanel >> Generate Full Backup article for this.

  2.  Move the created .zip file to the /home/admin/admin_backups path at Linux server where you have DirectAdmin Panel installed.

  3. Now, login to your DirectAdmin Panel with admin user.

  4. Go to Admin Tools and click on Admin Backup/Transfer. 


  5. Click on the Restore button.

  6. By default, there will be path selected is /home/admin/admin_backups. Click on the Next Step button.

  7. Select the IP Address from the drop-down on which you want to move your website and click on Next Step button. 

  8. On the Next step, select your backup zip file and click on the Restore Button.

        Verify all the files and folder as well as database and email accounts that should have been restored successfully.

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