How to modify the maximum number of POP3 connections in WHM/cPanel?

In case, you are getting the error Error – Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded through POP3 login when you are connecting mails from cPanel email service using POP3 connection, you will need to increase the maximum number of POP3 connection from each IP Address. 

Please refer to the following steps to increase the maximum number of connections from a specific IP Address.

  1. Login to the WHM Panel.

  2. Go to Service Configuration and click on MailServer Configuration.

  3. Inside MailServer Configuration, go to the Maximum POP3 Connections per IP Address.

  4. Set the maximum POP3 connection as per your requirement and click on the Save Changes button.

       Once you are done with adding the required number of IP Addresses, you will not face the max number of connection error again.

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