How to control outgoing emails from WHM?

In this article, we will show you how to configure the email server from WHM to control outgoing emails.

Max hourly emails per domain.

  1. Login to WHM panel.

  2. Click on Tweak Settings.

    Tweak Setting

  3. Click on the mail tab.

    Mail tab

  4. By default Max hourly emails per domain is set to unlimited. You can set it as per your requirement.

    max hourly

Set number of failed or deferred messages a domain may send before protections can be triggered

  1. You can set the number of deferred messages a domain can send from this tweak setting. By default, it is set to 5 you can change it as per your need.


Email delivery retry time.

  1. The email delivery retry interval is set to 15 minutes. To avoid larger emails queues on your server you can extend it as per your need.

    email delivery

These are some basic tweak settings to control your outgoing mails from WHM. There are lots of other tweak settings that you can use it.

Once you are done with tweak setting click on Save button at the bottom of the page to make these changes take effect.

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