Can I Modify the php.ini File in Shared Hosting? You can’t modify the php.ini file if you have purchased shared hosting service. However, if you... Can I Upgrade my Shared Hosting Plan to VPS Hosting? A shared hosting plan cannot be upgraded to VPS hosting directly. However, you can purchase a... Default Files and Folders in cPanel Account While we create a new account in cPanel, you may find the following default files and folders:... Fix - Error 330 ( ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED) Sometimes, you open your website page in the Firefox browser and see the following error –... Fix :: file_load_file(): wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen Error Message Wrapper is disabled in the server configuration Solution The steps listed below... Fix Images Do Not Show up on Some Webpages in cPanel Hosting Problem Statement One of our customers faced the problem wherein images did not appear on some... How Do I Add New Domain in the Linux Shared Hosting Plan? You can add a new domain to the multiple domains Linux Shared Hosting plan through the Add-on... How Do I Display AWStats Publicly in Linux Shared Hosting? There is no direct way of displaying statistics of your domain on your website, but you can use... How Do I Fix 403 Forbidden Error? The 403 Forbidden Error indicates that your website files have incorrect permissions. Every file/... How Do I Send .eml File in Emails? If you face an error that says – ‘Not allowed extension file’ while trying to send the .eml file... How do I Switch to Managed WordPress Hosting from Existing Shared Hosting Plan? Existing Windows Shared Hosting Customers We offer Windows Shared Hosting plans on an IIS web... How do I change the Document Root Folder to some Sub-Folder using a .htaccess file? By default, the web contents of your website will be loaded from the public_html directory.... How to Activate CloudFlare in cPanel? AccuWeb Hosting has partnered with CloudFlare to offer CloudFlare services to all Linux Shared... How to Change PHP Version from cPanel? This article lists down the steps to assist you in changing the PHP version from cPanel. Log... How to Change cPanel Style or Theme? In this article, we will show you how to change the cPanel style or theme, for which you need to... How to Change the File Permission in cPanel? Files and folders inside your Hosting account will have permissions that control the read, write... How to Change the Storage Engine of a MySQL Database Table? This article describes the steps to change the storage engine of a MySQL database table.  If you... How to Check Inode Usage in Your cPanel Account? An inode is a data structure that keeps the data of all files inside the hosting account. The... How to Edit WordPress Installation from Softaculous? Here, we will guide you on how to edit WordPress installation from Softaculous, for which you... How to Enable/ Disable zlib compression in cPanel? Please refer to the following article to enable zlib compression in cPanel. Log in to cPanel.... How to Generate a Website Installer Backup from Softaculous? If you have installed scripts manually, you cannot take a backup using Softaculous. However, you... How to Hide Errors and Warnings Displayed on My Website in cPanel? Please refer to the following steps to hide errors and warnings displayed on your website from... How to Install Magento Manually? Do you want to install Magento 2.4.2 on Centos with cPanel? Please refer to install Magento 2.4.2... How to Install MediaWiki in Linux Hosting? Pre-installation Steps     Set up MySQL Database   Please refer to the following article... How to Install OpenCart via Softaculous? Softaculous is an excellent auto installer integrated with cPanel allowing you to install more... How to Install WHMCS using Softaculous? This article will guide you on installing WHMCS on your website through Softaculous.... How to Install WordPress Manually in Linux Shared Hosting? We offer a one-click installer, Softaculous, to our Linux Shared Hosting customers to install... How to Log In to WordPress Dashboard from cPanel? This article will guide you on logging in to WordPress Dashboard from the cPanel without a... How to Log in to the cPanel Account? Today, we will guide you on logging in to the cPanel account, for which you need to perform the... How to Manage DNS of Addon Domains in cPanel? Creating the addon domain in cPanel will create the appropriate DNS Zone for your new domain.... How to Migrate Linux Shared Hosting (cPanel) Account to AccuWeb Hosting? This article will assist you in transferring your websites from the old cPanel host to AccuWeb... How to Redirect a Domain Without Changing the URL? Here are the steps to redirect the domain without changing the URL: First, you need to login... How to Reduce Spam in cPanel Hosting? Nowadays, email spam has become a major annoyance with day-to-day email communications. You may... How to Repair MySQL Database from cPanel WHM and phpMyadmin This article describes how to repair MySQL database using cPanel, WHM and phpMyAdmin. Repair... How to Restore a Website Backup from Softaculous? Important NotePlease double-check before performing these steps. It will revert all the changes... How to Run ClamAV Virus Scan from cPanel? We have installed the ClamAV anti-virus plugin in our Linux Shared Server. Each cPanel user is... How to Transfer Files Between Remote Systems? This article will assist you to transfer web content between two remote Linux machines. cPanel... How to change Database Collation in MySQL Server from phpMyAdmin? Collation is a configuration level setting in MySQL which directs how the MySQL Database will... How to emulate register_globals in PHP 5.4 During our recent Linux server migration task, we faced following strange issue: Some websites... How to install Invoice Ninja using Softaculous? Softaculous is an application installer of cPanel. We can install Invoice Ninja through... How to set the PHP max upload file size limit through a .htaccess file? This article will guide you on setting the PHP max upload file size limit through a .htaccess... How to take MySQL database backup using cPanel cron? Today, we will guide you on how to take MySQL database backup using cPanel cron. In order to... MX Records Settings for SpamExperts in cPanel Your domain’s MX records must be set to the following MX records to enable SpamExperts email... Parse ASP Pages as Normal Text/HTML in cPanel Server using MIME type Problem Statement One of our customers had some old .ASP file names on their website. The web... Parse HTML as PHP using HTACCESS File Sometimes, you are required to parse HTML web pages as PHP.  Suppose you have older HTML web... Password Policy for Shared Hosting Email Accounts Linux Shared Hosting cPanel/ WHM enables admins to define the minimum password strength for all... What does it mean by 'Unlimited Domains (Sites) In 1 Account'? How does a user add other domains in 1 account? What is Entry Process Limit in Linux Shared Hosting? An Entry Process is the number of PHP scripts you can run simultaneously. Our Shared Hosting and... What is Inode Limit in Linux Shared Hosting? What is Inode? An inode is a data structure that stores the information about all files created... What is a Parked Domain? Pointing one domain to another domain is called Domain Parking. Both the Parked Domain and Main... What is the Max_execution_time allowed for Linux Shared Server? Default Max_execution_time on our Linux Shared Server is 30 seconds.  We can set it to 60... What is the Outgoing emails limit in Shared Hosting Plans? What is the Outgoing Emails Limit in Shared Hosting? With all the Shared Web Hosting Plans, the... What is the URL to Access My Web-Based Control Panel? For Linux users, the cPanel URL is www.<>:2083. For Windows users, the... What is the URL to Access My Webmail? For our Linux users, the webmail URL is https: //www.<>:2096. For our... What is the maximum number of email disk space I can allocate to a single email account in a Linux shared hosting account? There is no such limit to allocate the email space for a single email account in Linux Shared... What is the path to Sendmail in Linux Shared Hosting? The path to send email is /usr/sbin/sendmail. NoteUsing a Bulk email validation service is... Where do I Upload my Files/ Folders in Shared Hosting Plans? All the files associated with your website must be placed inside the root folder of your domain.... Why am I Unable to Access Website, cPanel and Webmail? You may not be able to access a website because of multiple failed login attempts. We have... cPanel Email Account Create Error: No specific error was returned with the failed API call Email account creation from cPanel results in the 'No specific error was returned with the failed...
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