What is Entry Process Limit in Shared Web Hosting?

An Entry Process is the number of PHP scripts you can run simultaneously. Our Shared Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting plans limit 20 entry processes simultaneously.

Is it similar to the number of visitors on the website?

An Entry Process should not be confused with the number of visitors you can have on your website, as it takes just fractions of a second to complete. At the same time, we restrict Shared Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting with 20 entry processes, but that doesn't mean that only 20 people can visit your website simultaneously. There is a rare possibility of 20 people browsing your website in the same fraction of a second.

When a visitor browses any web page of your website, the web server will start serving the request. While this request is being served, it will use one entry process. Once this request has been served, the web server would no longer use an entry process, and the entry process count would decrease by 1. 

Please note that cron jobs, shell scripts, and other commands also use the entry process for the duration of the time they are running.

Why do you put such restrictions?

We have created entry process limitations to ensure that no single user consumes all server resources and prevents DDoS attacks against the web server. In addition, the entry process will limit the number of concurrent connections to the web server, thus preventing our server from malicious traffic.

What happens if I reach my limit?

When you use all allotted entry processes (20), new visitors will experience a 508 error.


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