What is Inode Limit in Shared Web Hosting?

What is Inode?
An inode is a data structure that stores information about all files created on your hosting account. Inodes indicate the number of files, folders, emails, or anything you store on your web hosting account. Each file on your web hosting account is identified by an inode number in the file system. These important store data about files such as user, group ownership, access mode, and file type. The inode limit is fixed in Linux Shared hosting.

What is Inode Limit in Shared Web Hosting?
Here is the detailed layout about inodes in all the Shared Web Hosting plans -


Inode Limit 

Basic ++


Premium ++


Enterprise Pro ++


If your inodes requirement is higher, you can upgrade to VPS Hosting.

How Can I Reduce My Inode Count?
You can reduce the number of inodes in your account by simply deleting unwanted files or emails from your account.


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