Parse ASP Pages as Normal Text/HTML in cPanel Server using MIME type Print

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Problem Statement
One of our customers had some old .ASP file names on their website. The web files didn't have ASP code, but all files had a .ASP extension. This customer wanted us to parse the .ASP files as normal Text/HTML.

We added the following MIME type in cPanel to allow Apache to parse the .ASP files as normal Text/HTML – 

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Under the Advanced section, locate and click on MIME Types. At this point, there are 2 boxes to be filled out, as shown in the image below –

Add Mime Type

  • MIME type: text/html
  • Extensions: asp .asp

3. Once you add the above MIME type, Apache will parse your .ASP files as normal HTML.


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