Which SPAMFilter service do I Get in Shared Hosting?

We offer SpamAssassin in Shared Web Hosting and SmarterMail's inbuilt Spam filter in Windows Shared Hosting as a SPAM Filter service.

Additionally, we also provide Spam Experts service in Shared Web Hosting. However, the Spam Expert service only applies to the main domain, while SpamAssassin applies to every domain.


Why should you enable a Spam filter service?

It is very important to enable Spam filters for your email service to protect your email account from various types of threats, such as spamming and malicious attachments.

The SPAM Filter service aims to protect your inbox from spam emails.

Spam filters work by scanning incoming messages and looking for specific characteristics that are common in spam messages. When a message is determined to be spam, it is either moved to a separate folder (called a "junk" or "spam" folder) or is deleted outright.

cPanel provides an inbuilt Spam filter called SpamAssassin.

How to create a Spam Email Filter?

You can refer to cPanel's official document to create a Spam Email Filter.

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