"which" command in Linux which is a powerful command used in SSH environment to find out path of perl script, php... Can I connect my mail to third-party email service without changing my name server? You can surely use any third-party email service without changing the nameserver. You can use... Comparison between Plesk and SolidCP ControlPanel. Please refer to the below table which is showing the comparison between Plesk and SolidCP Control... Comparison of control panels Plesk VS WHM/cPanel. Web Hosting control panels are very useful to manage your servers with a front-end graphical web... Diagnostic Tools - Check Website Connection, Website Availability Ping Ping is a command to check whether a destination computer system is working on a network or... Does Mobile application requires hosting service? Yes, you need a hosting service for the application backend to manage the following thing.... Free Anti-Malware for Windows and Linux based Servers As we all know, the internet is open, and your server may receive malware and spyware threats at... Google has reported my website as “Reported Attack Page", what should I do now? When you try to browse your website or its URL, the web browser may show you a “Reported Attack... How Can I Test My Website Before Switching DNS? It is always important to test your website on a new web host before you change the Nameservers... How ImunifyAV+ is useful? ImunifyAV+ is an effective anti-malware service. It is used to scan and detect the malware lied... How do I check current established connections and network utilization of my VPS? Windows VPS For current established connections and processes: 1. Go to "Run" 2. Type cmd, hit... How do i setup rDNS/PTR record at Accuwebhosting? Client can't set rDNS record at their end. You will need to submit a support ticket with the IP... How to Remove IP Address from Gmail Blacklist? If you are receiving bounce-back emails from Gmail, your IP address might be on Gmail's... How to Serve Scaled Images on Your WordPress Website using plugins? If you have tested your website in a performance testing tool and asking you to serve the scaled... How to Train Email as Spam/Not Spam in Spam Expert? Spam filtering applications such as spam experts help you to identify emails as spam and not... How to activate SSL Certificate? You can activate SSL Certificate to get secure connections on your website. Looking to purchase... How to add/host a website to VPS and point the domain to VPS? Point 1: How to Add Website & Use Name Server of your VPS? (1) Host a website in the... How to check Ping Report from Windows 7, 8 and 10? You can use our Ping testing tool to test Ping alerts from your local system to our Denver... How to check VPS bandwidth usage from Accuwebhosting Client area? You can easily view your VPS bandwidth report from the bandwidth meter tool. Please refer to the... How to check if my system is under DDoS attack? What Is a DDoS Attack? A DDoS, or "distributed denial-of-service," attack is a type of cyber... How to check your VPS Disk Drive is SSD or HDD? We use HyperV virtualization technology for our Denver based Classic and SSD Windows VPS. We have... How to choose an OS lower than Windows 2012 with 1 GB RAM? We don't offer Windows 2008 Server OS anymore. We offer Windows Server OS 2012, 2016 and 2019.... How to enable "I'm Under Attack" mode in CloudFlare Panel? Cloudflare provides additional protection called "I m under attack" for a website which is under... How to enable CORS for your website? A request for the website resource like images or fonts from outside of the origin website is... How to enable TLS in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer? TLS, which stands for Transport Layer Security, is a cryptographic protocol that provides secure... How to fix : HTTP Error 500.30 After Publishing the application from Visual Studio? We can use the web deploy function of visual studio to publish our application to the production... How to fix CORS error “no ‘access-control-allow-origin’ header? Introduction CORS means Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. It's like a safety rule for web browsers,... How to make a strong password? A strong password provides essential protection from financial fraud and identity theft. One of... How to make your ASP.Net applications secure? Adding security to Web apps may not be great fun, but it doesn't have to be hard. You can easily... How to modify a hosts file in Windows 7, Windows 8/10, Mac OS and Ubuntu? Following are the steps to modify the host file in Windows 7, MacOS, and Ubuntu. Windows 7:... How to modify the PHP timezone setting? If your website is hosted on shared hosting, you may not be able to change the Global time... How to register domain and make the payment? If you are a registered client, you can directly refer to the following steps to order a new... How to renew SSL? If you have an existing SSL Certificate purchased from Acuwebhosting, you just need to update us... How to resolve question marks and mysterious symbols on my site? If you are seeing some strange symbols that are displaying on your site, it is due to incorrect... How to set outlook rule to receive emails to inbox? You may face an issue where your emails are moving to the recipient spam box instead of Outlook... List of Database connection file location of various CMS. Here is the list of  Database connection file locations of various CMS in cPanel. If you are... Load balancing vs Fail Over Protection Load balancing and failover both are different methods. In load balancing, all the requests... MySQL timeout errors. If your website is running with long and heavy queries, you may receive the MySQL timeout error.... NAT (Network Address Translation) What is NAT? NAT (Network Address Translation) was introduced in the IT and Networking... PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare If your browser saw an error message PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare function it is an issue... Receiving unexpected T_STRING error. If you are receiving this error, this means .html files are parsed as PHP. In case, your .html... What are the Differences Between Forward Proxy and Reverse Proxy? Generally, there are two types of proxy servers available which are Forward Proxy and Reverse... What are the supported OS for the .net 5? Microsoft released the .Net 5.0 on 12th December 2020. You can download the new version of .Net... What is Mod_security and how to disable it? Mod_security is a web application firewall that protects your website against various threats. It... What is the difference between unmetered and unlimited bandwidth? What is Bandwidth? In web hosting, bandwidth means the data transfer of your website to users in... Where do i put my review for Here, is a list of website links where you can put your reviews for Accuwebhosting.... Why does my shared hosting account showing high bandwidth usage? If you have a shared hosting account with cPanel or Plesk, you may notice high bandwidth usage... Why is my Autossl failing in cPanel? ERROR Local DNS DCV error ( The DNS query... what is mod security? How to fix the 403 forbidden error in WordPress? Mod Security is a web app firewall (WAF). It monitors and blocks the malicious incoming...
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