How to add/host a website to VPS and point the domain to VPS?

Point 1: How to Add Website & Use Name Server of your VPS?

(1) Host a website in the different panels/IIS

→ Looking to host a website in SolidCP? >> How to add a website in SolidCP?

→ Looking to host a website direct to IIS? >> How to add a website in IIS?

→ Looking to host a website in cPanel? >> How to create a cPanel account?

→ Looking to add an addon domain in cPanel? >> How to add an addon domain in cPanel?

(2) Have you purchased your domain from Accuwebhosting?

If yes, register and set the private nameserver of your VPS from your Accuwebhosting client area. Please refer to How to register and set private nameserver for your domain from the client area

If you are still facing any issue, please submit a support ticket, we will do it for you. Please refer to How to submit a support ticket. 

Point 2: How to Point your Registered Domain Name to the Website Hosted on your VPS?

Set Nameserver at your Domain Registrar 

How to set nameservers for your domain to your various domain registrar?

Please note that any nameserver and DNS related changes may take 12-24 hours in global propagation.

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